How To Choose a Stage Race Backpack

One of the biggest challenges of a stage race is getting the right backpack.   Here I explore what your criteria should be, how to test a good backpack and give some recommendations based on experience. A stage race is a race over two or more days, and they are typically ‘self-supported’ – this means … Read more

Gaiters for Runners

Gaiters are designed to prevent sand, dirt and other debris from entering your shoe.  They fix onto your shoes and come in a few different designs.    Gaiters are certainly not required for every type of  race – however, if you are venturing into the desert (Marathon des Sables, some of the 4 Deserts series) … Read more

How To Choose Running Socks

Socks are easily overlooked, but they are probably the second-most important piece of kit for runners, right after your shoes. Poor sock choice can lead to all kinds of foot conditions.   Some common issues caused by incorrect sock choice include: blisters due to friction, moisture, heat and toes rubbing.  Getting a good pair of socks … Read more