The Best Gift Ideas For Runners: 2021 Edition

Here’s our pick of the best gift ideas for runners – selected by our team of coaches and runners from the Marathon Handbook community! Whether it’s the upcoming holiday season, celebrating a new PR or a birthday, there’s always a reason to treat the runner in your life – even if that’s you! With this … Read more

Do Compression Socks Work for Running Performance and Recovery?

“Do compression socks work for running – whether in improving running performance or recovery?” It’s something a lot of runners have wondered – especially given the amount of compression products out there. Compression technology was initially designed to help improve blood flow in post-surgical patients or people with circulatory problems, but recently it has taken … Read more

Here’s When You Should Replace Your Running Shoes – The 4 Signs

How often to change your running shoes is a question all runners ask at some time. Running shoes don’t last forever – they don’t even remain the same throughout their life.  Your running shoes are gradually changing.  With every run, the tread wears a tiny bit more.   The bounce gradually fades from the sole.  The … Read more

How To Choose Running Shoes

Looking to find your next pair of running shoes?   Or even your first?   Here’s our definitive guide to finding the right running shoes for you.   We look at how to define your running shoe needs, finding the best place to get shoe advice, what to look for when you try on the … Read more