The 9 Best Kids’ Running Shoes: 2022 Edition

Sometimes, it seems like kids have an unlimited supply of energy. Whether it’s climbing a tree, running around with their pals, or hurrying off to school in the morning, they always seem to be rushing around. Because of this, wearing sensible, durable, and good-quality running shoes is super important for kids. It doesn’t matter if … Read more

The Best Half Marathon Shoes for 2022

Over the years, marathon and half marathon shoes have improved by miles (pun intended) in technology, performance, and comfort. With so many amazing running shoes, how do you choose which is the best for you? Whether you’re a half marathon newbie or veteran, selecting a pair of shoes for your event can be a tough … Read more

The Best Vegan Running Shoes 2022: Affordable and Sustainable

When it comes to diet, being vegan is pretty simple – no dairy, eggs, or meat. But what about when it comes to picking vegan running shoes? It might come as a surprise to many, but countless running shoes on the market aren’t suitable for vegans as they’re made from animal-derived material. From synthetic fabrics … Read more

Best Marathon Running Shoes: 2022 Edition

Our group of runners and reviewers have gone out to the market and road-tested the best marathon running shoes for the 2022 running season – and here’s their pick. Whether you’re a marathon virgin or a veteran, selecting a pair of shoes for your marathon training and event can be a tough task. Sometimes you … Read more