How to Run a 6 Minute Mile

Running a 6 minute mile is recognized as a true test of a recreational runner. It is fast, but not elite fast. And, if given the will and dedication, many can achieve it.  The mile is a beautiful distance. Four perfect laps run at near top speed. It is short and satisfying, and racing the … Read more

Running Downhill: How To Do It Properly + Training Tips

I remember the unpleasant surprise from my first Boston Marathon: I heard about the uphills—Newton Hill and the notorious “Heartbreak Hill” that arrives around the point most runners are hitting the proverbial wall. Related: What causes leg cramps But the hills weren’t what did me in. No, it was running downhill. The first several miles … Read more

How To Run a 5 Minute Mile

In this post, coach Cathal Logue explains the training, strategies, and pace necessary how to run a 5 minute mile. The mile is often considered the blue-ribbon event in athletics. The event has caught the imagination of track athletics fans ever since Roger Bannister ran 3.58.60 in Oxford, England on 6th May 1954, breaking the … Read more