1.5 Mile Run Time: How To Get That New PR

No matter where you are in your running journey, the prospect of running faster is always appealing. If you’re a beginner runner, you might focus on shorter distances as you build up your endurance, such as 1.5-mile runs. Additionally, a 1.5-mile run is part of certain military fitness tests, such as the IST for the … Read more

The Pose Method Of Running: How To Get Results With Proper Form  

One of the most common questions new runners have is, “What does proper running form look like?” The Pose Method of Running could be just what you’ve been looking for! Beginner runners are often somewhat self-conscious about their running form or very much in their head while they run, thinking about how they’re swinging their arms, … Read more

How To Run 5k In 27 Minutes: Complete Guide + Training Plan

Most runners decide to tackle the 5k for their first race. It’s an approachable distance, even for beginners, yet also a huge milestone for new runners. For your first 5k, just finishing the race can be a fantastic goal because it takes the pressure off running a certain pace and allows you to be present … Read more

How To Run 10k In 35 Minutes: Complete Guide + Training Plan

Let’s get one thing straight: If you are looking into how to run 10k in 35 minutes, you’re going to be taking on a challenging goal and accomplishing something very few runners can achieve. After all, Running Level reports that the average 10k time across all ages and genders is 49:43, which is quite a … Read more

The Ultimate LSD Run Guide: Long Slow Distance Running, Explained

One of the great ironies in running is the concept of running slow to get faster.  Sure, it’s easy to understand how speed workouts, strides, hill sprints, and tempo runs can help you run faster over time, but the same can’t really be said about doing really slow runs at a jogging pace. It’s just … Read more

Slow Jogging: 9 Benefits Of A Slower Workout To Get Results

Almost every runner has finished a run and thought, “Wow; I ran slow today.” This notion is often coupled with dissatisfaction, disappointment, and even frustration. After all, most of us strive to be the best runners we can be and our brains are inclined to mean “best” means running fast. However, running fast shouldn’t always … Read more

How To Hit A New 10k PR: 14 Expert 10k Tips To Get Faster

The 10k is a perfect distance for many runners. It’s long enough that it can pose an impressive challenge for beginners to work up to finishing their first 10k, and short enough that more experienced runners can typically fit the training into their weekly routine even with a full-time job. Once you have finished your … Read more

The 6 Best Sprint Workouts For Beginners

When we hear the term sprinting, we most likely think of the famous Usain Bolt and his 100-meter world record time of 9.58 seconds or Florence Griffith-Joyner’s world record 100-meter time of 10.49 seconds. Their arms pumping, an inexplicable force driving these machines of human beings forward at unbelievable speeds; it all just seems so … Read more

Base Training For Runners: The Complete Guide

We’ve all heard the term “base training”, and most of us have probably tried to avoid doing it at all costs. Why, you ask? Well, base training isn’t the most exciting training out there, as it focuses on easy runs without many, if any, changes in pace.  Even though it’s not the most entertaining training … Read more

CV Running Guide: What Is Critical Velocity Running?

There are roughly a dozen different types of running workouts. From track intervals to threshold workouts, hill sprints to tempo runs, running coaches and exercise physiologists have developed a relatively extensive library of types of running workouts, each designed to offer specific and unique physiological and psychological benefits. One of the less commonly referenced running … Read more

What’s A Good 1000m Time? Average Times By Age + Sex

Although most adult runners focus on race distances like 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon, plenty of high school and collegiate runners, as well as open and masters athletes who enter track meets, push the pace with the 1,000-meter race. However, because it’s not as common to find 1000m races, it can be hard to … Read more

Kenyan Hills: Your New Favorite Speed Workout

Hill workouts should have a place in most runners’ training programs as their importance to performance cannot be underestimated. Most of us have heard of traditional hill workouts, but what about Kenyan Hills? The increase in specific leg strength that hills develop will make an athlete more efficient as their running economy improves. Research suggests … Read more