10 Bulletproof Steps To Consistent Early Morning Runs

For some runners, early morning runs are actually pleasurable. Frankly though, most of us would rather spend the time in bed. In general, we encourage you to run when you can. It’s always best to build up a habit that’s sustainable, so it becomes a lifestyle rather than a phase. That being said, early morning runs … Read more

Intermittent Fasting and Running: The Complete Guide

Intermittent fasting and running may seem like a strange combination, but when done right many runners have reported energy level gains and improved wellbeing. IF (Intermittent fasting) is seen by some as the newest diet craze, but it’s not exactly dieting. Instead of restricting people from WHAT to eat, it’s restricting them from WHEN to … Read more

The 26 Golden Rules of Running

Here are my 26 Golden Rules of Running – universal truths about running that are applicable to almost all runners, regardless of background and experience level! The idea is that if you follow these 26 rules, you’ll have a long, happy, and successful relationship with running. The golden rules touch on every aspect of your … Read more