Headache After Running? 4 Main Causes of Headaches When Running

Do you occasionally suffer from a headache after running? When you get done with a run, you should feel accomplished, not dealing with a nagging headache. These headaches are not uncommon, but they can be frustrating after a solid run.  Avoiding these headaches after a run is important for all runners, whether it happens after … Read more

The Best Ankle Support for Running: Address Your Ankle Sprains Now

If you’re trying to find the right ankle support for running, you’ll need to find the right one to do the job since there are different ankle braces for different folks.  Sprained ankles are a common running injury because of the fast transference of weight from one foot to another. Take into account the often … Read more

Runner’s Nipple: Symptoms, Treatments, and How to Get Rid of It For Good

Runner’s nipple is something that crops up in many joggers’ training routines – after a period of jogging or running, you start to feel your nipple getting sensitive and chafing. Sometimes it can even lead to bleeding nipples as the chafing worsens and irritates the skin. It’s a horrible sensation to have to deal with … Read more