Running With Sciatica: Is It Safe To Run?

Have you ever had a sensation of lightning shocks down the back of your leg and wondered “am I injured or just hurt?” Maybe it’s not a lightning bolt, but perhaps it’s an ache, muscle weakness, or even numbness in one leg or the other.  Whichever sensation it is, you may have developed a temporary … Read more

Legs Feel Heavy When Running? Here’s 7 Reasons Why

Why do my legs feel heavy when running? There’s nothing worse than strapping on your running shoes early in the morning, convincing yourself you’ll feel healthy and empowered once you get started…only to suffer from heavy legs throughout the run.  At first, you might think it’s because you’re tired or you’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’ … Read more

Side Stitch While Running – How to Prevent, Treat, and Beat It!

The side stitch while running: a crazy-annoying injury that every runner out there has experienced and agonized over. Who hasn’t felt that shooting pain in the side?  Who hasn’t had to fall short of their running goal because of it? It seems like they come out of nowhere. You’re out enjoying your run, and then … Read more

Chafing and Running: How to Prevent it and Deal with it

Chafing and running is a number one complaint among athletes, especially long-distance runners. And there is no question why. Chafing can be crippling for a runner. There are two types of chafing: skin-on-skin and fabric-on-skin. Skin-on-skin chafing is where your thighs or underarms rub together. Fabric-on-skin is when your shirt, sports bra, or bottoms rub … Read more