Runner’s Knee Explained: How To Diagnose and 9 Exercises To Treat It

Runner’s knee is a condition you hear about regularly in the running world. It can seriously hamper your training, leaving you completely sidelined. Runner’s knee is an umbrella term that describes several conditions that cause pain around the patellar tendon. It is more accurately described as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS). It is often dubbed ‘Runner’s … Read more

Acupuncture For Athletes: 7 Benefits + What To Expect

Acupuncture can be a great way to increase circulation and support healthy healing in the body. For this reason, acupuncture for athletes can potentially help support workout recovery and injury rehabilitation. But what are the benefits of acupuncture for athletes? What does acupuncture feel like? In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of acupuncture … Read more

How To Treat Shin Splints And Keep Running

Shin splints, otherwise known as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), are usually categorized by pain along the inside edge of the shinbone. MTSS typically occurs in runners and athletes who are exposed to excessive weight-bearing activities such as long-distance running or jumping. Do your shins hurt when running? If you are experiencing shin splints, you are … Read more

Tight Leg Muscles? Here’s Why + 10 Ways To Loosen Tight Muscles

Perhaps you are a runner, cyclist, or another athlete who either doesn’t stretch often or stretches with little avail, or perhaps you are someone who doesn’t have time for consistent exercise and has to sit all day at your job. In either scenario, it’s quite common to experience tight leg muscles, and many people complain … Read more

What Is Cupping Therapy? What To Expect, Benefits + Drawbacks

There is any number of healing modalities that we can take advantage of these days.  For example, there are medications, red light therapy, and physical therapy exercises and modalities depending on your pain and problem. Or you might try Chinese herbs or acupuncture if you like to treat your body with Eastern medicine techniques. Another … Read more

Muscle Scraping Explained: What Is It, The Benefits + Is It Safe?

When you go to a physical therapy appointment for a musculoskeletal injury, the physical therapist will likely employ numerous treatment modalities, depending on your injury. For example, you might receive electromyostimulation (EMS), you might be put through some passive range of motion stretches, or you might receive dry needling. Another potential treatment technique used in … Read more

Heel Pain After Running? Here are 10 Possible Causes + How To Fix It

Heel hurts after running? Running injuries can be troublesome, tiresome, and confusing. Particularly when we don’t know what’s causing them. Pain in the heel can be especially confusing, given the intricate overlap of tendons, nerves, and muscles surrounding the area. Today we will break down the most likely causes of heel pain after running and … Read more

Red Light Therapy for Muscle Recovery: How To + 7 Benefits

There are quite a few novel training and recovery modalities for athletes. From ice baths to compression boots and vibration plates to electromyostimulation, athletes who want to stay on the cutting edge of exercise recovery and performance optimization have a bevy of tools at their disposal. Another potential tool for muscle recovery after a workout … Read more

Running with Plantar Fasciitis: What Is It + 7 Exercises To Recover Quickly

If you run regularly, you or someone you know has probably experienced plantar fasciitis. Amongst runners, incidence rates of plantar fasciitis range between 4.5% and 10% in any given year, making it one of the most common injuries for runners to experience. An injury can quickly destabilize a training plan and disrupt your routine. Plantar … Read more

Runner’s Knee Recovery Time + Helpful Tips To Get Back Running

Runner’s knee, or patellofemoral pain syndrome, is an unfortunately common running injury that can strike both beginners and experienced runners alike. In fact, studies show that runner’s knee is actually the most common overuse running injury, with an incidence of about 19–30% in female runners and 13–25% in male runners. Runner’s knee often begins with … Read more

Pelvic Pain After Running? 9 Possible Causes + What To Do About It

Running can potentially cause all sorts of lower body injuries, and pain in lower-body joints such as the hips and knees while running is unfortunately rather common. Pelvic pain after running is a less frequent complaint, though certainly something to take seriously, as the pelvis supports the abdominal cavity, pelvic organs, and spine, and plays … Read more

11 Common Injuries Caused By Old Running Shoes Explained

Runners can be funny about their running shoes. Because our sport is relatively simple in terms of equipment, some runners place a lot of stock in the impact their running shoes have on their performance and health as runners. For these runners, the “right” pair of running shoes can make them faster or allow them … Read more

Sore Calves After Running? Here’s 6 Reasons Why + How To Resolve It

If you’re new to running or have just completed a tough race, it’s fairly likely that you’ll have some muscle soreness, including sore calves.  Sore calves after running can be uncomfortable, and can make it feel like you want to walk on your tiptoes, but fortunately, tight or sore calves after running typically resolve in … Read more