11 Hard-Learned Takeaways From My First 100 Miles

3 days ago I ran my second ultramarathon and my first 100 mile race. The Lady Anne’s Way 100 follows trails through the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales National Park in the north of England. The route, and the race, commemorate the life’s work of Lady Anne Clifford, who, because she was a woman, had to fight … Read more

10 Foot Strengthening Exercises For Runners + 5 Care Tips

Foot strengthening exercises – what’s the point? Well, if we ask ourselves as runners what our most precious asset is, what should our answer be? Our feet. By far. Our poor feet get abused day after day, training session after training session – and boy oh boy, are we good at neglecting them. Taking care of … Read more

Marginal Gains: 9 Ways To Level Up Your Running

The concept of marginal gains considers how by making small adjustments to your habits, you will eventually produce improvements in performance. While in isolation the adjustment may not result in a noticeable difference but combining them all together and then repeating the process over time, should lead to significant gains. In this article, coach Cathal … Read more

Consistency: The Essential Pillar to Long-Term Running Success

Whether you’re just starting out, maintaining your current condition, or looking to improve, the element that must always be present in your training, and life in general, is consistency.  There are no shortcuts in distance running. If we want to achieve our goals, improve, and avoid a decline in our fitness levels, we need to … Read more

Choosing The Path Of More Resistance

I’ve always found running to be a good metaphor for life in general. I know that running has made me better in other aspects of my life, and I’m sure this has something to do with running being hard. As much as I love running, it isn’t always easy. But hey, neither is life. And … Read more

How Derek Murphy Catches Marathon Cheats : Marathon Investigation

You can run, but can’t hide from Derek Murphy, the man behind MarathonInvestigation.com.  For the past six years, Murphy has been catching marathon cheats in the form of bib stealers, bib mules, bib buyers, and course cutters in races around the world, starting with the Boston Marathon and stretching to far-flung places such as the … Read more

Hash House Harriers: The Global Drinking Club With a Running Problem

The Hash House Harriers, or HHH, or H3, are a global group of sociable and non-competitive runners and drinkers. The Hash House Harriers are known as The Running Club With A Drinking Problem or The Drinking Club With A Running Problem, and their favourite drink is beer. Globally, there are more than 1,700 groups of Hash House Harriers, and … Read more

The Marathon Monks of Japan: The World’s Toughest Ultramarathon

The Marathon Monks (gyoja) of Mt. Hiei, Japan take on kaihōgyō, a spiritual challenge of endurance in pursuit of enlightenment.  The journey lasts over seven years and the stakes are high.  If they fail, the monk must perform Hara-kiri – ‘honourable suicide’.  If they survive, they become a living saint. They wear white, the Buddhist … Read more

How To Become Antifragile: Embrace Chaos, Run Better

The book Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (@nntaleb) and it’s ideas have spent the last six months rattling around in my head, and influenced how I think about running, exercise, what to eat, how to live . . . In fact, it’s one of the best health and fitness books I’ve read – even though … Read more

Adventures in Distance Running and Keto: How To Run Far on an LCHF Diet

In this post, I’m going to share my experience and advice in adopting the keto diet for 10-14 day cycles as a distance runner.   We’ll explore the background of ketosis, explain the potential benefits, and address the nay-sayers.  Interested in keto and running? Let’s jump in! The principle behind the ‘keto’ diet is that … Read more

How Long Is A Marathon? 4 Methods of Measuring Marathon Length

How Long Is A Marathon – The Metric Answer The official, globally recognised marathon length is 26.219 miles or 42.195 kilometers. That’s the standard, objective metric measurement. (and if you’re wondering How Long is a Half Marathon, the official half marathon length is 13.11 miles or 21.0975 kilometers). If you’ve just googled ‘How Long Is … Read more

Running A Marathon Isn’t Meant To Be Easy

Have you signed up for a marathon recently? Marathon training and running your 26.2 miles isn’t going to be easy. But then, it’s not meant to be easy. If it were, everyone else would do it. Running a marathon is meant to be hard. And that’s maybe the greatest reason to run one. Of course, … Read more