Marginal Gains: 9 Ways To Level Up Your Running

The concept of marginal gains considers how by making small adjustments to your habits, you will eventually produce improvements in performance. While in isolation the adjustment may not result in a noticeable difference but combining them all together and then repeating the process over time, should lead to significant gains. In this article, coach Cathal … Read more

Consistency: The Essential Pillar to Long-Term Running Success

Whether you’re just starting out, maintaining your current condition, or looking to improve, the element that must always be present in your training, and life in general, is consistency.  There are no shortcuts in distance running. If we want to achieve our goals, improve, and avoid a decline in our fitness levels, we need to … Read more

Choosing The Path Of More Resistance

I’ve always found running to be a good metaphor for life in general. I know that running has made me better in other aspects of my life, and I’m sure this has something to do with running being hard. As much as I love running, it isn’t always easy. But hey, neither is life. And … Read more

How Derek Murphy Catches Marathon Cheats : Marathon Investigation

You can run, but can’t hide from Derek Murphy, the man behind  For the past six years, Murphy has been catching marathon cheats in the form of bib stealers, bib mules, bib buyers, and course cutters in races around the world, starting with the Boston Marathon and stretching to far-flung places such as the … Read more