How Many People Have Run A Marathon? World Statistics

Running a marathon is an awesome achievement, demonstrative of impressive physical and mental endurance, determination, and dedication to a training plan. It is a fitness achievement that is earned through consistent training, usually for 12 to 20 weeks or more, depending on your starting level of conditioning and experience as a runner. If you are … Read more

What’s The Fastest Marathon Time Ever? Progression Of The Marathon World Record

When you’re training for a marathon, there are many aspects of the race that will likely cross your mind: Why is the marathon 26.2 miles? When was the first marathon? What’s the fastest marathon time ever? The marathon has a rich and storied past, and there’s always something gratifying about learning the history and evolution … Read more

The 11 Best Marathons In The USA + 11 Honorable Mentions

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The Marathon Relay, Explained: 5 Steps To Marathon Relay Success

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Who Ran The First Marathon Ever? Meet Pheidippides, The Legendary Greek Runner

When you start training for your first marathon, many questions come to mind.  There are questions about what type of training you’ll have to do and what kind of time commitment it will be. Then, there are normal questions of self-doubt, like whether or not you will be able to do the training, let alone … Read more

The 3 Day A Week Marathon Training Guide + Complete Training Plan

When most people envision marathon training, they imagine high-mileage weeks that involve running nearly every day. And, while training for a marathon does require some long runs and running a lot can potentially improve your performance, it’s also possible to finish a marathon by running only three days per week. In this article, we discuss … Read more

Marathon History: The Origin And Development Of This Famous Race

The marathon is a beloved race distance for dedicated runners. It draws one-and-done runners looking to check off an impressive bucket list goal as well as seasoned marathoners who are well known in their social circles as running at least one marathon per year. As runners train for the race, logging mile after mile, whether … Read more

Marathon Pacers Explained: Pros And Cons Of Running With A Pacer

If you’ve ever run a large half marathon or marathon, you might have noticed runners decked out in official kit carrying signs with different projected finish times. You might see a crowd of fellow racers milling about in the general vicinity of the sign holder while waiting for the race to start and cavorting together … Read more

Boston Marathon Qualifying Times: Are You Fast Enough To Qualify?

The Boston Marathon is undoubtedly a bucket list running goal for many distance runners. This iconic race is the oldest, continuous-running marathon in the world, approaching its 127th running in 2023. In 2022, 25,314 athletes lined up in Hopkinton, MA and covered the 26.2 miles of the famed course, with 24,918 runners and wheelchair athletes … Read more

Marathon Training Diet: What To Eat While Training For A Marathon

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The Ultimate Marathon Checklist: All You Need To Know To Succeed

You’ve trained for months, rearranged, upended your life, and said no to late nights for early morning miles. Now is not the time to get lax with planning and training by not packing correctly for your marathon. We are here to help with your Ultimate Pre-race Marathon Checklist and all of your marathon day essentials! … Read more