28 Funny Marathon Signs: The Best Running Race Sign Ideas

Whether it’s your first or your twentieth, everyone needs a pick-me-up, or two or three, when running a marathon. Whether you’ve hit the wall and are powering through or just chugging along at your planned pace, it’s never easy. Motivation and inspiration along the way can help a whole lot.  There’s nothing better than seeing … Read more

Best Marathon Running Shoes: 2022 Edition

Our group of runners and reviewers have gone out to the market and road-tested the best marathon running shoes for the 2022 running season – and here’s their pick. Whether you’re a marathon virgin or a veteran, selecting a pair of shoes for your marathon training and event can be a tough task. Sometimes you … Read more

How To Use Jeff Galloway’s Magic Mile Pace Calculation Method

There comes a point in every runner’s career when you want to begin to take your training more seriously. There’s a desire to improve race times, running economy, and paces. This is the point where your training plan becomes more specific, you become more interested in data and splits, and you look for the best … Read more