8 Long Run Variations To Build Endurance

Whether we run road or trail, long runs are crucial for our training as they prepare our bodies and minds for our goal race mileage. If you ever need to skip a training session, please, don’t sacrifice the long run!  During long runs, you simulate your race by practicing your well-thought-out nutrition, hydration, and gear … Read more

Yasso 800s Guide: How To + Marathon Time Predictor

Yasso 800s are a classic speed workout that are widely used by distance runners. Yasso 800s have become a staple workout in many marathon training plans – and can be used to predict your marathon finishing time (we’ll get into how accurate they are later). Today, we’re going to discuss Yasso 800s in-depth, and see … Read more

Tempo Runs: What Is A Tempo Run, How To Do Them

Tempo runs are one of those running workouts which every runner should really be doing; they’re a moderate-to-hard intensity training run, designed to make you a faster and stronger runner. They’re a staple of established endurance athletes across the globe. In this article, we’re going to get into: What are tempo runs, how to run … Read more

How To Run Faster with Fartleks + Fartlek Workouts

Improve your speed and endurance with the fartlek workout! This fun type of interval training workout will help you break out of running boredom and improve your race times. We included a pyramid fartlek workout for you as well! Want to run faster and longer? Add some fartlek workouts to your running routine! Fartleks aren’t … Read more

The Marathon Long Run : Training Guide

The Marathon Long Run is a core part of any marathon training plan. Just as the name suggests, Long Runs are training runs that are longer than regular runs.    They are your opportunity to increase your maximum mileage as the marathon draws near, and are usually done at a slow, comfortable pace. Long runs are … Read more

Marathon Interval Training

Interval training is a key tool in any good marathon runner’s toolbox. It is a super-effective form of speed work, based around the idea of running in several short, fast bursts, with slower recovery intervals in-between. There are many different forms of interval training, such as Fartleks, Yasso 800s, HIIT, hill sprints, and dozens of … Read more