Creatine For Runners: What It Does + 3 Recommended Supplements

Welcome to our guide on creatine for runners! Running is a physically demanding sport. Many runners thus turn to various sports supplements to ensure they have the nutrients needed to support their training, improve performance, and aid recovery. From iron to vitamin D, caffeine to protein powders, there are supplements targeted for nearly all aspects … Read more

Fuel Your Running On a Plant Based Diet For Athletes + 3 Day Meal Plan

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The Complete Runner’s Diet: What To Eat for Top Performance

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Here’s How Long To Wait After Eating To Run + 4 Helpful Tips

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The 26 Best Snacks For Runners

Snacking can get a bad rap but healthy snacks are actually an important part of your nutrition and fueling strategy as a runner. Healthy snacks for runners can be used to provide pre-run fuel, mid-run calories, and post-race recovery and refueling nutrients.  Healthy snacks are also a crucial component of a runner’s overall diet or … Read more

What To Eat The Night Before A Long Run For Maximum Results

What to eat the night before a long run? Runners, especially marathon and ultra runners, put a lot of effort into planning their hydration and nutrition strategies for while they are running, and especially for while they are racing. While being focused on that is important, it’s easy to forget how crucial it is to … Read more

Runner’s Meal Plan: How to Fuel Your Daily Runs

What is a good Runner’s Meal Plan? Being a runner doesn’t just involve training hard but countless other components that we need to incorporate into our daily lives such as strength training, a good night’s sleep, and physical therapy, just to name a few. But which is most important?  …Fueling!  It may sometimes feel impossible … Read more

How Frequently Should You Take Energy Gels During Races?

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Should Runners Take Vitamin D For Recovery?

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What to Eat Before a Marathon: When, What, And How Much To Eat

Figuring out what to eat before a marathon could make or break your race. Why? Because if you eat something your body is still digesting, you could wreck your stomach and have GI issues and steal much-needed fuel away from your body.  BUT, on the flip side, you could also supply your body with the … Read more

Ultramarathon Nutrition Guide: What to eat before, during, after an Ultra

As ultra runners, you soon learn that our ultramarathon nutrition needs to be a priority. Running kilometers after kilometers, back-to-back long runs, and hours upon hours of time on our feet require us to fuel sufficiently to keep up with our constant calorie burning.  Personally, it’s tough for me to consume all of the calories … Read more