Adventures in Distance Running and Keto: How To Run Far on an LCHF Diet

In this post, I’m going to share my experience and advice in adopting the keto diet for 10-14 day cycles as a distance runner.   We’ll explore the background of ketosis, explain the potential benefits, and address the nay-sayers.  Interested in keto and running? Let’s jump in! The principle behind the ‘keto’ diet is that … Read more

11 Great Carbohydrate Sources for Runners

The best carbohydrate sources for runners include a healthy mixture of grains, vegetables, and fruits. I’ll outline the best ones. This comprehensive list can be mixed and matched for a plethora of healthy recipes. So many people spend their lives avoiding carbohydrates. For those watching their weight, carbs are seen as ‘the bad guys.’  But … Read more

10 Rules of Nutrition for Runners

We’ve devised our top rules of nutrition for runners, to help guide you through how best to fuel your running! As runners, our nutrition can really influence a whole bunch of factors – our performance, our recovery, our mood, our energy levels – it’s a core part of your non-running lifestyle. Knowing what to eat, … Read more