Complete Guide To Plogging: What Is Plogging, How To + 14 Helpful Tips!

Everyone loves a good portmanteau. From chortle to hangry, frenemy to glamping, portmanteaus are a fun way to combine two words to describe a hybrid in a new word that rolls off the tongue. The sport of running has its own portmanteau: plogging. If you’ve never heard of plogging before, you might imagine it’s an … Read more

30 Day Burpee Challenge To Build Full Body Strength

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Quitting Strava: The Surprising Benefits Of A Social Media Break

Runners seek motivation and accountability from different places. Some turn to their partner or family members for encouragement, others join a running club, and some runners even depend on their beloved four-legged companion and run with their dog.  Another popular avenue for increasing motivation to run is by using a running app. Running apps not … Read more

33 Running Pick Up Lines To Try Out!

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8 Best Running Games for Kids

Running is great for all people, young and old, including our kids! But while we are born to love running, the idea of “going for a run” isn’t exactly the most enticing. That’s why we want to share the best running games for kids to make running FUN! Exercise is good for kids. In fact, … Read more

The 26 Best Running Books – The Definitive Runner’s Reading List

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Why Do My Ankles Hurt When I Run? 6 Possible Causes + Simple Fixes

Did you know that the average runner takes 1700 steps every mile? That’s a lot of repeated impact on the legs, so it’s no wonder a runner’s ankles might hurt, or even risk injury. Many of us have asked ourselves, why do my ankles hurt when I run? Let’s help you answer that question today. … Read more

Would You Pass The Army Combat Fitness Test? Here Are The New ACFT Requirements

The U.S. Army is rolling out a new fitness test, the ACFT 3.0, the first change to the test in 40 years. Back in 2013, the Army realized they had a problem when they were evacuating more soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan due to preventable musculoskeletal injuries than combat injuries. Frankly put, soldiers were not … Read more

Keeping Mid-Week Runs Fresh: 4 Tricks To Mix Up your Runs

Many runners put a fair amount of planning into weekend long runs. But with less time and energy during the week, planning our shorter mid-week runs can often be an afterthought. You likely head out the door at the same time each day and run the same route, passing the same houses and trees and … Read more

10 Foot Strengthening Exercises For Runners + 5 Care Tips

Foot strengthening exercises – what’s the point? Well, if we ask ourselves as runners what our most precious asset is, what should our answer be? Our feet. By far. Our poor feet get abused day after day, training session after training session – and boy oh boy, are we good at neglecting them. Taking care of … Read more