How to Make Homemade Protein Bars: 7 Yummy Recipes for Runners

Most runners love protein bars. They’re an easy way to refuel after a workout and make for a convenient snack between meals when you’re on the go. But what about homemade protein bars? A couple of decades ago when protein bars hit the sports nutrition market, they were dry, chalky, and borderline inedible. However, now, … Read more

Runner’s Meal Plan: How to Fuel Your Daily Runs

What is a good Runner’s Meal Plan? Being a runner doesn’t just involve training hard but countless other components that we need to incorporate into our daily lives such as strength training, a good night’s sleep, and physical therapy, just to name a few. But which is most important?  …Fueling!  It may sometimes feel impossible … Read more

Should You Drink Coffee Before Running? Here’s How Much To Drink

A common question for runners is “should I drink coffee before running?“. It’s undeniable that coffee, and specifically the caffeine it contains, can provide a performance-enhancing boost. Athletes across the world are aware of this, and it’s backed up by hundreds of studies. But is coffee – or any form of caffeine really – right … Read more

11 Great Carbohydrate Sources for Runners

The best carbohydrate sources for runners include a healthy mixture of grains, vegetables, and fruits. I’ll outline the best ones. This comprehensive list can be mixed and matched for a plethora of healthy recipes. So many people spend their lives avoiding carbohydrates. For those watching their weight, carbs are seen as ‘the bad guys.’  But … Read more

The 9 Best Juicing Recipes for Runners

Fuel your running body with the colors of the rainbow and and all the vitamins to match. In this article, I’ll share the 9 best juicing recipes for runners, collected from reputable juice experts, and adapted for runners. Very few adults eat as many fruits and vegetables as they need in a day. The CDC … Read more

Instant Pot Shredded Beef Tacos

Our Instant Pot Shredded Beef Tacos are perfect for Taco Tuesdays or meal prep on Sundays! This simple shredded beef cooks up juicy and flavorful in the pressure cooker and can be used for many recipes besides tacos. Ever heard the phrase “will run for tacos”? We have, and we couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing … Read more

Healthy Chicken Pasta Recipe: Grilled Chicken Pesto Pasta

Looking for a flavorful and healthy recipe for fueling your body after an active day? Our Grilled Chicken Pesto Pasta is a balanced meal with healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and lean protein. This is a delicious healthy chicken pasta recipe that will add some variety to your meal plan and will refuel your working muscles. … Read more

Carb-loading Pasta Recipe: Spaghetti Mushroom Aglio Olio

Here’s our favourite carb-loading pasta recipe – spaghetti aglio olio with mushrooms!  Perfect for a fast, easy-to-prepare and not fussy – it’s great for meal preppers! One thing I constantly struggle with is eating food that aligned with my training – I’m constantly running late, grabbing whatever is available, and often sacrifice health and good carbs for … Read more

No-Bake Runner’s Energy Balls Recipe

Here’s our awesome recipe for no-bake runner’s energy balls! Looking for a quick, no-fuss, homemade running snack? Finding a cheap and easy source of slow-burn energy can often be a challenge for runners. Our Runner’s Energy Balls recipe takes 5 minutes to throw together, and provides an all-natural source of slow burning energy. They’re a … Read more