Here’s Why You Should Run a Tune-up Race During Race Training

A practice race, or tune-up race, is essentially a dress rehearsal for your race – whether that’s a 10k, half marathon, marathon or ultra. A tune-up race is an opportunity to test out all your race day strategies and experience a little of what your actual race day will feel like. This means your morning … Read more

The Complete Guide To Virtual Races: How To Run a Virtual Race

Given the current global state of affairs, marathons and other races everywhere are being canceled – and are being replaced by virtual races. Until things can return to some form of normality, it’s likely that virtual races are most distance runners’ best option if you want to get your racing fix in. Today, I’m going … Read more

How You’re Screwing Up Your Long Runs

Many runners are conflicted or confused about the advice that long runs should normally be done at a slow and conversational pace – in this post, I’m going to dig into the details and reasoning behind this. Long runs are easily the most popular topic that runners email me about. As an online running coach, … Read more

10 Dynamite Ways To Find Time For Run Training

One of the biggest day-to-day problems faced by runners is simply how to find time to run. Whether you’re just starting your running habit or training for a marathon, working your running schedule around the rest of your life can be tricky. Whether it’s your job, your family, kids, other hobbies or commitments . . … Read more

Distance Running Foot Care

Foot care is a subject all distance runners should know about, preferably before they suffer from foot problems!   No matter how well you’ve prepared and conditioned your feet prior to your run, you can’t predict what’s going to happen when you’re out on the trails.   During distance running events, many competitors have foot … Read more