Want To Get Faster? Here’s Why More Slow Runs, and Less Speed Work, Is The Answer

When I coached high school track and cross country, there was an assistant coach who would tell the runners, especially during the long, slow, base-building summer runs, “you’ve got to go slow to go fast.” They would look at him sceptically, but his advice, while perhaps counterintuitive, is actually quite sound. Research, in fact, has … Read more

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Progression Runs Guide: Ramp Up Runs + 4 Progression Workouts To Try Out

Intervals, long runs, speedwork, tempo runs, sprints, strides, the list of possible workouts for us runners is extensive. Each of these workouts has a specific goal and will aid in bettering a particular skill.  Today, we will dive into progression runs, specifically, and how they can contribute significantly to your fitness and running.  In this … Read more

The Complete Track Running Guide: Best Track Workouts For Runners

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The Incredible Benefits of Sprinting: How Running Fast Improves Everything

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The Game-Changing Magic of Hill Running + 8 Hill Run Workouts

The effectiveness of hill running cannot be underestimated – if you’re looking for one workout that makes you faster, stronger, and go further, run hills. Hill runs were a staple for British athlete Sebastian Coe, who built up strength in his formative years by using a variety of hills in the streets of his hometown … Read more

HIIT Running Workouts: Benefits, How To + 5 HIIT Running Exercises

The HIIT running workout (HIIT = high intensity interval training) is perfect for all levels of runners inspired to step up their fitness, lose weight, or become faster and stronger.  If you have a regular running habit but never do high intensity training, you’re missing out. Some people choose strength training in the gym, others … Read more

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