Menopause and Running: 5 Tips To Stay Strong + Keep On Running

Certain transitions in life can be challenging. During puberty, there are a lot of physical and hormonal changes that can be overwhelming and difficult to manage.  As inevitable as getting your first period and beginning menstruation is for girls, so too is the end of the chapter of menstruation marked by menopause that comes later … Read more

Here Are The Muscles Worked When Running

One of the most common complaints or initial hurdles that beginner runners have to clear as they get their bodies accustomed to running is muscle soreness. New runners often have sore calves or sore quads after running. Even experienced runners often deal with sore muscles after running hard workouts or races. Although excessive muscle soreness … Read more

What To Do If A Dog Chases You: A 7-Step Plan To Stay Safe

They often say that dogs are man’s best friend, but they aren’t necessarily the best friends to unfamiliar runners, cyclists, and walkers.  Even if you are a dog lover and proud puppy parent, encountering loose dogs while you are running, walking, or out for a bike ride can be quite a stressful situation. When dogs … Read more

Want To Run A Faster 2 Miles? How To Improve Your 2 Mile Run Time

Although many runners eventually gravitate towards running longer distances, beginners often stick with one and two-mile runs as they build their leg strength and cardiovascular endurance for long-distance running. Even once your fitness improves, and you can do plenty of longer workouts, a fast 2-mile run can still be a fantastic, efficient workout.  But what … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Run 6 Miles? + 7 Tips To Improve Your Time

After you’ve been running for several months or longer, it’s natural to become interested in increasing the distance that you run. For example, you might progress from running 2-3 miles a day to 4 miles a day, and then maybe even 5 miles most days. Another good approach to increasing your endurance and aerobic capacity … Read more