The 9 Best Ultramarathons In The US Right Now

No matter what race distance you gravitate towards, from something as short as a 5k up through the marathon and beyond, it’s always motivating and exciting to run the “best” races at that distance. Iconic courses, scenic routes, PR-setting flat courses, well-organized events, and races that draw top runners can all make a race super … Read more

Ultramarathon Race Strategy: All You Need To Know To Run A Successful Race

So you’ve followed your training plan to a T, strength trained religiously, tried to sleep and eat well, and sacrificed a lot of social engagements to prepare for your ultramarathon.  Don’t worry, it is absolutely worth it. Whether it’s your first or twentieth, crossing that finish line is always worth the sacrifice.  Most of us … Read more

Running The Length Of Britain: 5 Lessons Learned From JOGLE

In late July 2015, as I lay on my parents’ sofa in Edinburgh, icing a painfully swollen knee, I began to question the sense of my recent undertaking. I’d decided to run the length of the UK, from John O’Groats to Land’s End (colloquially, a JOGLE). Worse than that, I’d told everyone I knew about … Read more

Ultramarathon Long Runs: How Long Should Your Longest Long Run Be?

Every runner wants to be fully prepared and confident about their fitness and ability to finish their race when they stand behind the starting line on race day. In order to get to that place, you have to have trained properly for the event to ensure your body and mind have the endurance, strength, and … Read more

Women And Ultrarunning: Why Women Make Awesome Ultra Runners

Ultrarunning continues to gain a ton of popularity as runners all over the world are making it their go-to sport. Women and ultrarunning seem to be a match made in heaven as strong women everywhere are completely smashing it on the trails!  More and more women are signing up for and running ultras every day. … Read more

How I’m Training For My First 100 Mile Run

When I wrote the article Why I’m Running 100 Miles back in mid-September, I was nestled in the window seat of a plane carving a route from Milan to Barcelona. I had spent a long summer traveling around the mountains, working on farms, and meeting people whose lives were so different from my own. And … Read more

Couch to 50k: Training Plan and Complete Guide

You’ve decided to take on an inspiring goal, a couch to 50k ultramarathon! Now, if you have never run before, this will be a long-term goal as there is nothing more important than taking it step by step. Skipping over crucial building blocks can lead to injury or just plain old burnout. If done correctly, … Read more

Ultramarathon Nutrition Guide: What to eat before, during, after an Ultra

As ultra runners, you soon learn that our ultramarathon nutrition needs to be a priority. Running kilometers after kilometers, back-to-back long runs, and hours upon hours of time on our feet require us to fuel sufficiently to keep up with our constant calorie burning.  Personally, it’s tough for me to consume all of the calories … Read more