What Makes David Goggins David Goggins?

David Goggins is the former Navy SEAL most known for his ultramarathon performances, motivational speaking, and pull-ups—he set the world record in 2013 of doing 4,030 pull-ups in 17 hours! But Goggins wasn’t always a physical specimen and powerhouse. He was once overweight, and it took him three tries to become a Navy SEAL and … Read more

Arlene Pieper – The First U.S. Woman Marathon Runner

Running history often notes Roberta Gibb and Kathrine Switzer as among the first American women to run a marathon. However, seven years before Gibb hid in the bushes and snuck into the Boston Marathon in 1966 and eight years before Switzer ran Boston as K.V. Switzer in 1967, Arlene Pieper had finished the Pikes Peak Marathon in … Read more

Who is Zach Bitter? Legendary Ultrarunner Profile

Zach Bitter is an American ultramarathon runner who has held the world records for the 100-mile run on a running track, the 12-hour run on the track, and World Bests for 100-mile Trail and 100 miles and 12-hours on a treadmill.  He is also well-known for being his low carb, high-fat approach to training and racing nutrition … Read more

Who is Lazarus Lake? Inside The Mind Behind Barkley And Backyard

Lazarus Lake is the man behind the Barkley Marathons and the Big Dog Backyard Ultras, two of the most mentally and physically challenging ultra-races in the world. We spoke with Lazarus to figure out just exactly who he is, why he created these races, what he thinks it takes to succeed in them, and more.  … Read more

What Happened to Tommy Rivs? The Latest On The Ultrarunner’s Health

Ultra-running professional Tommy Rivers Puzey suffered from a very serious, mysterious illness first thought to be COVID-19 in 2020. In this article, we will recap what happened to Tommy Rivs, how he is doing, and how the running community has responded – and how you can support him. Who is Tommy Rivs? Thomas Rivers Puzey, … Read more