What Happened to Tommy Rivs? The Latest On The Ultrarunner’s Health

Ultra-running professional Tommy Rivers Puzey suffered from a very serious, mysterious illness first thought to be COVID-19 in 2020. In this article, we will recap what happened to Tommy Rivs, how he is doing, and how the running community has responded – and how you can support him. Who is Tommy Rivs? Thomas Rivers Puzey, … Read more

Who Is Kilian Jornet? An In-Depth Bio

Kilian Jornet (or Kílian Jornet Burgada, in his native Catalan) is a 33-year-old Catalan mountain climber, ultrarunner, ski mountaineer, and self-proclaimed ‘lover of mountains’.  And he is arguably the most famous, prolific, and dominant mountain athlete of all time.  He has won pretty much every major ultrarunning race, smashed numerous endurance records, and pushed at … Read more