Incline Walking vs Running: Which Is The Better Workout?

Walking and running are both excellent workouts, each with its own benefits as well as a large overlap of shared benefits.  In most cases, running is a better workout than walking in terms of being more demanding for the body, resulting in a higher number of calories burned per minute, greater improvements in cardiovascular fitness, … Read more

How To Breathe While Running + 5 Tips To Make Breathing Effortless

There are certain physical sensations that nearly every runner experiences, particularly as a beginner. We have all experienced a dreaded side stitch, sore muscles, feeling breathless, and even having an occasional muscle cramp.  Most of these types of problems go away as your body becomes more accustomed to running and your fitness level improves. Beginners … Read more

Does Running Make Your Legs Bigger? + 5 Tips For Thinner Legs 

Many people start running to lose weight. Running burns more calories than practically any other exercise. Running a ten-minute mile for an hour will burn 600 to 800 calories for most people! But does running make your legs bigger? Or, more specifically, does running make your thighs bigger? That’s the question we set out to … Read more

The Ultimate Running FAQ: The 50 Most Common Questions About Running Answered

Whether you’re a beginner runner or have been running for decades, you most likely still have questions about running.  Because there is so much running lingo and terminology, questions about distance and training, and doubts about nutrition and injuries, we have compiled what we believe to be the top 50 questions about running, with short … Read more

The Ultimate Runner’s Cheat Sheet

Hey all, Thomas here. We wanted to pull together all of our most useful running guides and articles in one place. Over the years, we’ve published over 1300 articles, and at times it can be hard to navigate our massive library effectively. So here is a compilation of all our best tips and articles for … Read more

Can You Shower With KT Tape? The Complete Kinesio Tape Guide

If you’ve ever had a musculoskeletal injury before and have worked with a physical therapist for rehab, one of the various treatment modalities the physical therapist might have incorporated into your rehab program is KT tape, also known as Kinesio tape. KT tape was once used almost exclusively by physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists with … Read more

Menopause and Running: 5 Tips To Stay Strong + Keep On Running

Certain transitions in life can be challenging. During puberty, there are a lot of physical and hormonal changes that can be overwhelming and difficult to manage.  As inevitable as getting your first period and beginning menstruation is for girls, so too is the end of the chapter of menstruation marked by menopause that comes later … Read more