6 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Running Shoes

Finding perfectly fitting running shoes is an ongoing quest for every runner. Trial and error are what most of us go through when searching for running shoes, but when we finally run that long run with ideal comfort, we know we’ve found our perfect match.  When you finally find that perfect pair of running shoes, … Read more

How To Remove Smell From Shoes: 12 Hacks To Remove Shoe Odor

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Are Running Shoes Good For Walking? – An Expert Opinion

When it comes to footwear, it seems like there are nearly as many types of shoes as there are activities.  There are running shoes for running, walking shoes for walking, hiking boots for hiking, ski boots for skiing, soccer cleats for soccer, water shoes for aquatic activities, basketball sneakers for basketball, and even skateboarding shoes … Read more

Walking Shoes Vs Running Shoes: The 5 Major Differences Explained

One of the primary benefits of both walking and running for exercise is that neither requires much in the way of specialized equipment. With just a good pair of sneakers, you can walk or run safely for 300-500 miles before needing to invest money again into a new pair. While most people typically know that … Read more

What The Wear On Running Shoes Tells Us About Our Running Form

Some runners like to hold onto their old running shoes for sentimental reasons. Perhaps they were the shoes you wore for your very first 5k or when you were training after the delivery of your firstborn while logging miles pushing a jogging stroller.  Other runners like to donate their old running shoes to charities that … Read more

The Rise Of Carbon Fiber Running Shoes: Should You Get Some?

Runners are often looking for an “edge”—something that will help them run faster or longer with less effort. From training modifications to innovations in fueling and hydration products, there are different ways to try and optimize the physiology of the human body to perform better. Another avenue for performance improvements is through innovations in technology, … Read more

Holes In Your Shoes? Possible Causes + 6 Prevention Tips

Most runners have heard the advice that a good pair of running shoes should last somewhere between 300-500 miles (500-800 km) or so.  After this point, the EVA foam used to cushion the shoe, the rubber on the sole for traction, and the supportive materials used to provide structure and support to the arch, midsole, … Read more

Many Runners Find “Hoka One One Hurt My Feet.” Let’s Explore Why

If every runner happened upon a fantastical genie who would grant them three running-related wishes, you can bet that probably every single runner would use one of those three wishes never to get injured again. One of the primary ways in which runners strive to prevent injuries is in their choice of running shoes. Some … Read more

Want To Optimize Your Running Economy? Simply Buy Comfortable Running Shoes

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How To Lace Your Running Shoes: 4 Different Options To Try Out

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The 6 Benefits Of Barefoot Shoes In Your Running Shoe Rotation

The importance of having a running shoe rotation cannot be overstated. Although many runners assume that having multiple pairs of running shoes is really only necessary for high-mileage, elite or competitive runners, even everyday runners who log just 15-20 miles per week can benefit from rotating their running shoes. However, another major benefit of having … Read more

Recycle Running Shoes: 14 Ways To Recycle And Donate Used Shoes

If your old running shoes could talk, they could surely tell a story of grit, determination, and hard work. They could chronicle the rainy runs, the tough workouts, and the time you ran your last PR. In many ways, your running shoes are your most reliable training partner. As inanimate as they may be, running … Read more