The Progressive Overload Principle, Explained

If your workout program has you doing the same exercises or the same routine week after week, you will likely see little progress after a while because your body is going to adapt to the physiological demands of the workout, and you’ll hit a fitness plateau. To prevent stagnation in your progress and maximize your … Read more

The Benefits of Calisthenics + 58 Exercises To Try

Even if you have never stepped foot in a gym, or it’s been so many years that you can’t remember any of the exercises you used to do, there’s a good chance that you’ve done calisthenics at some point in your life. Although calisthenics certainly has a fancy, complicated-sounding name, if you transport yourself back … Read more

Plyometric Exercises For Speed: 7 Moves To Increase Your Power

Many runners like to do one thing—run. Strength training, cross training, or any form of exercise that isn’t directly running usually falls down the totem pole of interest and thus training priorities. Plyometrics often fall in the camp of types of training that get relegated to the “if-there-is-time” pile. However, plyometrics can be a great … Read more

Push Vs Pull Workouts: A Complete Guide + 4-Day Training Plan

You can take any number of approaches to strength training. You might decide that you feel best with total-body workouts, in which you perform an array of exercises each workout that together work all of the major muscles in the body. Alternatively, you might do split routines, or body parts splits in which you focus on … Read more

What Is A Superset In Strength Training? + 2 Workout Examples

There are a lot of different approaches and formats to strength training sessions. For example, you can perform drop sets, where you begin with a higher weight and fewer reps and then sequentially lower the weight or your subsequent sets while increasing the number of reps.  There is also circuit training, which involves rotating between a … Read more

5 Reasons You’re Not Gaining Muscle Mass

One of the top benefits of resistance training, and certainly the reason that many people stay diligent in lifting weights, is to build muscle. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions and what feels like a hard effort, plenty of people find that they are lifting weights but not gaining muscle mass or can’t build muscle … Read more

Should You Do Abs Every Day? + The Best Ab Exercises To Build Strength

Whether you call them “six-pack abs” or “washboard abs,” it’s pretty universal that a toned and svelte midsection is a highly sought-after fitness and physique goal. Like other strong, well-defined muscles, having chiseled abs is a matter of doing the right kind of ab workouts in your training and eating the right foods in the … Read more

First Time Going To The Gym? 6 Helpful Tips + Sample Workout

Even thinking about going to the gym for the first time can feel overwhelming and most likely stressful. Many of us feel anxiety about jumping into doing anything new, and stepping foot into that massive room with wall-to-wall machines and weights is up there on the list. Your first time going to the gym, you may … Read more