The Complete Guide To AMRAP Workouts

Unless you have spent much time at a CrossFit gym or have a bunch of friends who are avid CrossFitters, there’s a bunch of workout terminology that you might be entirely unfamiliar with. From WODs to MetCon workouts and a heck of a lot of detailed discussions about the ins and outs of the paleo … Read more

A Complete List Of Compound Exercises To Spice Up Your Training

One of the challenges of designing your own workout plan is deciding what exercises to do. Even if you’ve been working out for a while, you might feel that your workouts get fairly monotonous, and you fall into a rut of doing the same 10-12 exercises every time. Not only can a lack of variety … Read more

What Is Resistance Training? A Complete Explainer + 7 Tips To Start

When it comes to workouts for runners, there are countless terms for beginners to learn. From tempos and fartlek workouts to intervals and progression runs, a well-rounded training program for running includes quite a few different types of runs. There are also supplemental workouts that are important for runners. These workouts involve doing exercises other … Read more

Running After Leg Day: Beast Your Legs For Powerful Gains

Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but one thing is certain when it comes to leg day: it’s nearly guaranteed to be a killer workout that taxes your legs until they almost feel jelly-like, spent from your hard efforts. Leg day probably can’t be considered “fun” per se, but squats, deadlifts, … Read more

Strength Training For Runners: The Complete Guide

Most runners love to run. It’s what drives us to get up and out of bed in the morning, what we talk about with our buddies, and what makes us feel alive. We heartily train through downpours, heavy winter snows, sweltering summer afternoons, and windy gales. We tack on extra miles on days the run … Read more

The Complete Guide To Weightlifting for Runners

Runners have a reputation that they hate to lift weights. If they are going to break a sweat, they’d rather be running. Plus, they fear that lifting weights may make them bulky and slow them down. But recent studies show that runners who lift weights can run faster and longer—and it doesn’t make them bulk … Read more