Is Rollerblading A Good Workout? Benefits + 8 Helpful Tips

There are so many physical activities and types of exercise to choose from. From common sports like running, cycling, or playing tennis to the most niche and esoteric like Nordic walking and skateboarding. Another activity that has enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity is rollerblading, which is also called in-line skating. Rollerblading can be thought … Read more

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What Is Muscular Endurance? Definition, Benefits + How To Build It

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Exercise Adherence: 14 Tips On How To Stick To Your Training Plan

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Functional Range Conditioning: What Is FRC Training? + 6 Benefits

Functional Range Conditioning, or FRC for short, is an approach to improving the function of the body, rehabilitating injuries, and preventing future injuries.  Whether you have a current injury or have dealt with injuries in the past, or just want to optimize how your body feels and performs, keep reading to learn about Functional Range … Read more

The Benefits of Calisthenics + 58 Exercises To Try

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The 13 Valuable Benefits of Pilates

Pilates often gets lumped together with yoga, particularly by people who are newer to fitness and haven’t spent much time doing either type of exercise.  Both Pilates and yoga share some commonalities in that they are types of exercise that can promote core strength and body awareness and often involve performing bodyweight exercises on the … Read more

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While any type of exercise bike can provide a low-impact cardio workout that primarily targets the muscles of the legs, each type of exercise bike can offer some unique benefits and may or may not be more appropriate for your needs and fitness goals. Of all of the four primary types of exercise bikes, recumbent … Read more

10 Great Exercises For Seniors To Combat Aging

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