Legs Feel Heavy When Running? Here’s 7 Reasons Why

Why do my legs feel heavy when running? There’s nothing worse than strapping on your running shoes early in the morning, convincing yourself you’ll feel healthy and empowered once you get started…only to suffer from heavy legs throughout the run.  At first, you might think it’s because you’re tired or you’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’ … Read more

Rate of Perceived Exertion: Why RPE Is The Best Running Metric

Have you heard of the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) chart but not sure how it’s used or whether it is useful for your running workouts? Here’s my mega-guide to explaining what RPE is, why every runner should be familiar with it, and how to use it for creating workout routines. The topic of RPE, … Read more

Cold Weather Running Guide + Winter Gear Recommendations!

In this post, I’m going to explore cold weather running; including the effects that cold, wintery conditions have on your body, how to mitigate against them, and how to properly prepare and dress yourself for run training in cold weather! Just because the weather turns colder doesn’t mean your run training should suddenly stop as … Read more