Cold Weather Running Guide + Winter Gear Recommendations!

In this post, I’m going to explore cold weather running; including the effects that cold, wintery conditions have on your body, how to mitigate against them, and how to properly prepare and dress yourself for run training in cold weather! Just because the weather turns colder doesn’t mean your run training should suddenly stop as … Read more

HIIT Running Workouts: Benefits, How To + 5 HIIT Running Exercises

The HIIT running workout (HIIT = high intensity interval training) is perfect for all levels of runners inspired to step up their fitness, lose weight, or become faster and stronger.  If you have a regular running habit but never do high intensity training, you’re missing out. Some people choose strength training in the gym, others … Read more

Lactate Threshold Training For Runners: How To Measure and Improve It

What is lactic acid and what does it have to do with running? We’re exploring everything you need to know about lactic acid, lactate threshold training, and why it matters for running (along with self tests to determine your lactate threshold!) When you hear the words lactic acid you might be thinking about certain ingredients … Read more

How to Run Longer: Tools and Techniques to Improve Your Running Endurance

How To Run Longer: Distance runners, whether rookies or seasoned vets, often come across barriers, whether physical or mental, as they try to increases their running distance. It’s very common for runners to reach a plateau, where their body is adapted to run a maximum distance – but is uncomfortable going any further. This can … Read more

Running With AirPods: How To Use AirPods Effectively

Since Apple launched its popular AirPod in-ear wireless earphone in 2016, running with AirPods has been a hot discussion topic.  Having the right headphones can make or break your run.  Listening to a motivational playlist or podcast is a huge benefit during your training, but no one wants to struggle with dangling cords or earbuds … Read more