How To Run Faster with Fartleks + Fartlek Workouts

Improve your speed and endurance with the fartlek workout! This fun type of interval training workout will help you break out of running boredom and improve your race times. We included a pyramid fartlek workout for you as well! Want to run faster and longer? Add some fartlek workouts to your running routine! Fartleks aren’t … Read more

Trail Running For Beginners Guide: Essential Tips and Gear Recommendations

Here’s our super-detailed trail running for beginners guide! Hitting the trails with your running shoes opens a world of possibilities – you’re suddenly in a fresh, engaging environment, with lots to see and experience. The beauty of trail running is often in it’s simplicity – there’s just you and the meandering trail. It’s a totally … Read more

How To Perform Hill Sprints: Every Runner’s Secret Weapon

Running hill sprints is like strapping a stick of dynamite to a regular speed workout – not only are you doing sprint intervals, but you’re combining that with hill work. It’s a totally different training workout for most of us distance runners. While we are typically accustomed to steady-state, low-to-mid exertion level running, hill sprints … Read more