Ironman Cutoff Times: Ironman Time Limits In Detail

Ironman triathlons can be thought of as the king of endurance challenges, the end-all-be-all multisport event to demonstrate your tremendous physical and mental grit.  Taking competitors across 140.6 miles in total (a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run), finishing a full Ironman triathlon race is truly an incredible feat, demonstrative of dedicated training, a … Read more

Ironman Vs Triathlon: The 3 Main Differences Explained

If you’re a beginner triathlete or just starting to take interest in the sport, you’ll understandably be unfamiliar with the vernacular surrounding triathlons. Questions like “What is a transition?”, “What is an Ironman?” and even “What is a triathlon?” are common among novices.  Furthermore, one of the most frequent points of confusion for triathlon neophytes … Read more

From Running To Triathlon: 7 Helpful Tips On How To Make The Transition

Running is an excellent form of exercise and a fun sport to be part of. The running community is supportive, and training for races is motivating and helps you become a better athlete. For many runners, running is their “home,” so to speak, in the athletics world. They are more than happy with focusing solely on … Read more

What Is A Triathlon? Complete Triathlon Guide

What is a triathlon? Triathlons are becoming more popular every summer. People are using them as a goal to focus their fitness routine on. It is no wonder, really, as a triathlon improves many aspects of your fitness, but what is a triathlon? If you are new to the triathlon world, you are in the … Read more

15 Triathlon Transition Tips To Save You Time

So you have worked hard for months training for a triathlon. You are feeling strong in the water, on the bike, and in your running shoes, but there is another way you can shave valuable seconds or minutes from your time.  By perfecting each triathlon transition, you can get underway much faster. This will not … Read more

How To Train For a Triathlon: A Guide For Runners

Taking the step from running to triathlon isn’t a continuation of the linear progression of a runner, but a widening of your training scope – it means adding new disciplines and incorporating several different training modalities at the same time. In this article, UESCA-certified Triathlon coach Sam Farnsworth walks us through how you can go … Read more