HIIT Running Workouts: Benefits, How To + 5 HIIT Running Exercises

The HIIT running workout (HIIT = high intensity interval training) is perfect for all levels of runners inspired to step up their fitness, lose weight, or become faster and stronger.  If you have a regular running habit but never do high intensity training, you’re missing out. Some people choose strength training in the gym, others … Read more

Running Strides Guide: Benefits + How To Run Strides

You’ve probably heard other runners or coaches talking about running strides as a training exercise, but surprisingly striding is a largely overlooked and at times misunderstood element of many runner’s training schedules. In addition, most people like to run those extra few miles or kilometres in training as they focus on a weekly distance target. … Read more

Why I Stopped Running Ultras – Stepping Off The Hedonistic Treadmill

It’s been over 3 years since I ran an ultramarathon. That might be surprising to some of you – especially those of you who have read some of the many ultrarunning articles I’ve put out in that time, or checked out the Ultra Runner’s Playbook. In between, I took an unplanned break from distance running. … Read more

How to Run Longer: Tools and Techniques to Improve Your Running Endurance

How To Run Longer: Distance runners, whether rookies or seasoned vets, often come across barriers, whether physical or mental, as they try to increases their running distance. It’s very common for runners to reach a plateau, where their body is adapted to run a maximum distance – but is uncomfortable going any further. This can … Read more

Essential Guide To Running 50 Miles + FREE 50 Mile Training Plans

The 50 miler is an awesome distance to test your ultra-running mettle – in this article, I’m going to run through our top tips for 50 miler training, share advice for race day itself, and provide you guys with our free downloadable 50 mile training plans (PDF and Google Sheets formats) – enjoy! Running 50 … Read more