Guide To Weightlifting for Runners

This guide to strength training and weightlifting for runners is by Whitney Heins, competitive marathoner, VDOT certified running coach, and founder of Runners have a reputation that they hate to lift weights. If they are going to break a sweat, they’d rather be running. Plus, they fear that lifting weights may make them bulky … Read more

Here’s Why You Should Run a Tune-up Race During Race Training

A practice race, or tune-up race, is essentially a dress rehearsal for your race – whether that’s a 10k, half marathon, marathon or ultra. A tune-up race is an opportunity to test out all your race day strategies and experience a little of what your actual race day will feel like. This means your morning … Read more

The 12 Rules of Marathon Training

Marathon training can be approached in thousands of different ways – but by following these tried-and-tested rules, you can optimise your training journey and maximise your chances of marathon success! Having now worked with thousands of marathon runners (and crossed a few finish lines myself), I’ve spent a lot of time guiding people through the … Read more