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Fri 05 Nov 2021


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Antelope Island 50k

The 50k will be one loop.  The cool thing about this race is that you will get to go out on the west side of the island and run where the general public rarely goes. 

There will be only one drop bag location at the Nine Mile Gate aid station. If you want other info on the race, there’s plenty on the race website. For course maps, check the pictures on this page.
For those of you familiar with the Buffalo Run course, you’ll be able to follow along.  For those who have never run the Buffalo run, most of this stuff will make absolutely no sense without a map. Oh, and the race start is at 8am sharp.

Basically the course goes like this.  Start at White Rock Bay, just like the Buffalo Run.  Go out and up the hillside, once you get to the switchback you go left.  Then you keep running out to the Elephant Head aid station.  This will be about 5.5 miles.  Once past Elephant Head, you’ll go own death valley just like the Buffalo Run, then up the switchbacks. Once you get to the top of the switchbacks, turn right and go over the saddle and down into red rocks canyon. Follow the single/double track along the west side of the island and down to the shoreline.

The trail will then turn uphill and take you to the North Sentry aid. You gain about 1000’ along here.  From here you’ll go behind Sentry peak, then down the dirt road to the ranch.  We’ll have an aid station beyond the ranch at a place called 9-mile gate.  From the ranch you’ll follow the Mountain View Trail north.  You’ll also find an aid station at the Lower Frary parking lot.  Once you get to the north fence, you’ll bushwhack up along the fence to the dirt road, then follow the road back to the start/finish area.  Anyway, eventually you end up back at the White Rock Bay trailhead and the finish line. 

The half marathon will start at the Fielding Garr ranch and head north along the Mountain View Trail until you get to the fence. Basically flat and fast for the first 11 miles, then a small uphill. Turn left and follow the signs along the dirt roads to get you to the finish line.

Won’t that be fun!

Thomas Watson

Thomas Watson

Thomas Watson is an ultra-runner, UESCA-certified running coach, and the founder of MarathonHandbook.com. His work has been featured in Runner's World, Livestrong.com, MapMyRun, and many other running publications. He likes running interesting races and good beer. More at his bio.

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