The 10 Best Gift Ideas For Runners In 2023

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Here’s our pick of the best gift ideas for runners – selected by our team of coaches and runners from the Marathon Handbook community!

Whether it’s the upcoming holiday season, celebrating a new PR or a birthday, there’s always a reason to treat the runner in your life – even if that’s you!

With this in mind, we asked our community of runners and coaches to suggest their best gift ideas for runners – for all budgets and tastes.

Runners are notoriously detail-focused, so maybe the first foam roller you find isn’t the perfect one for them – that’s why we’ve created this guide.  We’ve curated the best running gear, used by experienced runners and experts, every day.

Let’s jump in!

Best Gift Ideas For Runners

1. Injinji Toe Socks

Materials: 32% Coolmax/63% Nylon/5% Lycra

blisters for runners injinji
Designed by runners for runnersCould be weird for first-time users
Minimize the chance of blisters
Many color options

Injinji toe socks are so awesome that frankly, I don’t know why every runner doesn’t already own a pair.

The snug toe-glove style design prevents toes from rubbing together, which eliminates the chance of developing blisters.

Also, they’re just super-comfortable, and designed by runners for runners.

2. AfterShokz Air Open-Ear Wireless
Bone Conduction Headphones

Battery Life: 6 hours; Certificates: IP55 certified to repel sweat, dust, and moisture

aftershokz air
You can still hear outside sounds – much saferToo bulky for users who prefer buds
Bluetooth works seamlessly

Is the runner in your life still trudging around with a pair of wired headphones?

Give them the upgrade they didn’t realise they were missing out on with this pair of wireless bone conduction headphones.

The wireless bluetooth technology works seamlessly, allowing you to still take calls and pair with your device.

More importantly – and ground-breaking – is the bone conduction technology

This technology works as the speaker actually sits behind your ear, and allows you to listen to your sounds without obstructing your ear

This means you can still hear the outside world going on, which is much safer and comforting.

Seriously, this tech has to be tried before you’ll believe how well it works.

3. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller
– Original, 13inch

Size: 13 x 5.5 inches, Weight Limit: 500lbs

trigger point foam roller
Fantastic post-workout releaseBulky
Tried and tested – very popular option (30k+ reviews on Amazon)
Many color options

In recent years, foam rolling has – quite rightly – become one of the most prominent tools for recovery.

Myofascial release has been proven to help break down muscles post-workout then allow them to recover faster and better.

Funnily enough, many runners still avoid their post-run foam roll.  That’s why a good foam roller is one of our top gift ideas for runners – every runner should have one!

When you’re looking for a foam roller, you can’t do much better than the original Trigger Point GRID – it’s the go-to model for experienced runners all over the world, and they’re ubiquitous in gyms and exercise centers.

Expert Tip: Looking for something a little more high-spec?

Check out the GRID VIBE PLUS – which features the same design material, but also vibrates at four different speed to help loosen up those tight quads!

Looking for something specifically for a trailhead? Check out our 12 gifts for trail runners list here!

4. Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. (Book)

Pages: 256 pages (hardcover version); Options: Kindle, hardcover, spiral-bound

Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow
Written by a runner for runnersDoesn’t include nutrition info (for those who track macros)
Quick healthy recipes
Includes vegeterian recipes (readers say recipes are easy to make vegan too)

The team behind the bestselling cookbook Run Fast. Eat Slow. have followed it up with another great cookbook of healthy recipes, specifically designed to be cooked quickly (how awesome is that?).

This isn’t one of those cookbooks which will just look pretty on a shelf.

The fast and simple recipes are designed by Shalane Flanagan, the NYC 2017 Marathon champion – and are specifically made for runners in training.

5. Nathan Hammerhead 24Oz Steel Insulated Bottle

Capacity: 1.1 Pounds; Material: BPA-Free, 18/8 Stainless Steel

3 available sizesA bit heavy
Keeps liquids cold for 35 hours, or hot for 15 hours

Everyone needs a good water bottle, and this series of stylish, triple-insulated steel bottles will keep liquids cold for 35 hours or hot for 15 hours.

The Hammerhead comes in 3 sizes and has the option for both a large-mouth cap for filling and cleaning and a narrow-mouth cap for sipping and drinking.

This is the perfect water bottle to carry to the office, keep in the car, and bring on an active adventure.

Fill it with coffee that will stay hot all morning or use it to keep your water cold throughout the day.  

6. Marathon Training Masterclass

What’s included: 12 Modules + full access to a database of marathon training plans

All marathon knowledge you need in a single courseHaving a personal trainer may be a more suitable approach for some runners
Taught by a UESCA-certified ultrarunner
Helps to improve your abilities

Struggling for a great gift idea for runners?

Whether the runner in your life is training for a marathon, or just contemplating one, why not gift them our comprehensive online course, led by a UESCA-certified ultrarunner?

Featuring training plans, expert guidance, and over 6 hrs+ of video lessons, the Marathon Training Masterclass is designed to get you to the finish line of your marathon to the best of your abilities!

Check Out The Curriculum! 

(also check out our Half Marathon Masterclass, and The Ultra Runner’s Playbook)

7. M3 Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Battery Life: 4-8 Hours; Speed Range: 5 Options; 2500 RPM(revolutions per minute).

m3 pro massage gun
Tried and true – one of the most popular massage guns on AmazonNone
Great gift for all runners – everyone can use a bit of deep-tissue relief
Long battery life

Deep tissue massage guns are revolutionizing the self-massage recovery space much like foam rollers did a few years ago. 

The beating motion of the M3 Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun is going to leave you both relaxed and loose, primed for recovery and to go hard the next day.

8. Xero HFS Zero Drop Barefoot Feel Shoes

Sizing: Runs Small; Sole: 5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole; Weight: 224 grams (Men’s 42)

Screenshot 2021 12 09 at 06.22.59
A bulletproof choice in barefoot shoesSome runners don’t like minimalist shoes
Can inspire a runner to try something new
Lightweight and comfortable

Just over a decade ago, the book Born To Run took a stick of dynamite to accepted running wisdom, providing a compelling argument that humans were designed to run barefoot, and not with an inch of cushioning between their sole and the ground.

10 years on, and while the buzz of barefoot running has died down somewhat, minimalist shoes which mimic barefoot-style running have become a solid niche in the running market.

Xero are perhaps the best-known (and original) barefoot-first shoe company, and their HFS model is worth taking for a test run.

Many runners wince at the thought of running in minimalist shoes – my advice is not to start running in minimalist shoes 100% of the time, but use barefoot-style shoes as another tool in your running arsenal.

I use my Xero HFS mainly for recovery runs (where I consciously don’t look at my pace but focus on good form) and also for outdoor walking and hiking – the tactile sense they give you is great.

So surprise the runner in your life with a new pair of minimalist shoes, it’ll get them thinking about this running in a different way!

9. ‘I’m Going Running, But First Coffee’ Diner Mug

Material: Ceramic – dishwasher and microwave safe, Size: 11 oz

marathon handbook but first coffee
Fun gift for all types of runnersNot for those who don’t like coffee

If there’s one thing that runners love almost as much as running, it’s usually coffee (partially for its performance-enhancing benefits).

So we created the perfect diner-style mug for the runner in your life who needs a caffeine hit before hitting the trails!

Check out the I’m Going Running – But First, Coffee mug over on our merch store!

10. Hydrated and Hasty Stainless Water Bottle

Capacity: 20 oz; Material: Stainless steel

Great build quality Some prefer larger bottles
Fun design

Another pick from our merch store, this Hydrated and Hasty design is a classic, Stainless Steel, vacuum insulated bottle perfect for water, coffee, or your favorite sports nutrition beverage.

It holds 20oz, has an eye-catching wraparound print by our friend DeDonLeon, and is perfect for your next running adventure.

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