Hoka One One ORA Recovery Slide Review

Whether you are post-marathon or lounging by the pool, the Hoka One One ORA recovery slide is a sandal that will positively impact your life and make your feet feel happy!

This sandal is packed full of comfort and stability – a hard to find and very welcome combination when talking about an open-toe and open-heel sandal.

However, the cushion combined with arch stability is unbeatable in this recovery slide and once you wear these once, you will never want to take them off.

Keep reading to find out why these are some of the best sandals around!

Pros Cons
Versatile: Can be worn in many contextsNot super stylish
Durable: These last forever Traction eventually wears down
Affordable: Very reasonable in the shoe world
Comfort: Plush and max cushion
Supportive: Very stable under the arch
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What is a Recovery Shoe?

You may be new to the concept that a shoe could be made solely for recovery (no pun intended). This is understandable, as it is a relatively new idea!

In the past 5 years, brands like Hoka, OOFOS, and others have started experimenting with their traditional foams and turning them into shoes that help with post-run fatigue and other physical stresses.

Hoka innovatively took their EVA foam and traditional meta-rocker platform to create a sandal intentionally designed to help enhance recovery after working out, specifically, after running.

Since then, these shoes have further developed to help with injury recovery and prevention for many athletes, especially those with plantar fasciitis and other lower extremity injuries.

So, what makes the shoe specifically a recovery sandal versus a regular sandal, and does it actually work?

The idea of recovery is to bring nutrient-rich blood flow to the region that has recently undergone stress. This could be good or bad stress.

For example, after mile repeats or extended time on feet after a long run, your muscles are fatigued, but this is often “useful stress” to the body. This type of stress you should eventually adapt from, leading to improvements such as better stamina or muscle tone.

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Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slide Review

Negative or “bad” stress, would be something like an over-use injury where the tissue has been pushed past its optimal limit. Untreated and overexerted, such injuries and “negative stresses” can lead to a whole host of long-term issues.

Studies show that such sandals as the Hoka ORA slide is designed to help the body recover from all these micro and macro traumas.

The Hoka One One ORA sandal ergonomically places the foot in a position that relaxes the muscles and allows healthy blood flow to enter the arch area.

To do this, the sandal uses a firmer foam that gently presses up on the arch to support it while allowing the peripheral area of the foot to relax.

This arch support is not only comfortable but places the foot in an optimal position to receive the benefits of healing.

In this particular sandal, there is also a slight rock that helps take the pressure off your legs too by adding energy efficiency to your walking stride.

Essentially this position offloads the muscles of the calves and thigh so they can also recover even while walking around.

Recovery sandals are just another tool that can be used to help the body reduce recovery time so you can continue to chase your dreams day after day!

Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slide Review

Hoka One One ORA Recovery Sandal Specs

As aforementioned, the sandal is made with Hoka’s patented EVA foam that gives firm comfort as soon as you place your foot on the slide.

It has a dual-layer system with foam on top but a firm midsole to prevent the shoe from wearing down as quickly.

The foam on top still feels plush and cushioned on top but it is still clearly firm and supportive under the foot.

The sandal also offers an early-stage meta-rocker and a resilient midsole which is a typical Hoka design. The purpose of this is to help rock the foot forward through the stride and take pressure off the body to move forward.

Additionally, grooves on the bottom provide maximal traction so you will not slip poolside or on wet surfaces. These grooves also keep the foot feeling stable on various surfaces.

The construction of the shoe is really where this sandal shines because Hoka was able to produce a product that hits all the right places of the foot with all the right materials.

Hoka One One ORA Recovery Slide Review 1

Hoka ORA slide review: Personal Opinion

As a marathon runner, recovery is very important to my training and these shoes have truly been a post-run game changer.

I was of course hesitant to listen to all the hype around this recovery sandal, especially with others on the market like OOFOS.

However, I gave them a try and I have never been so pleased with a shoe in my life.

While I find them to be a bit unstylish, (I wish the design was a little more fashionable like OnClouds), their function is a 10/10 in my book.

I immediately felt relief after using these shoes after my hard runs and workouts. Now I keep them in my car at all times and immediately put them on after any run, easy or hard.

I can feel my stride ease and my muscles relax as soon as I slide my foot into the sandal and they are perfect to walk around in throughout the day too.

If I could recommend any product for recovery this would be the one. They are affordable and last forever too! I have had mine for nearly a year now and they feel the same as when I first bought them.

They haven’t lost their recovery benefits after all this time! The only thing that has finally worn down is the sole and even that is still in a solid condition considering it is 12 months later.

Hoka One One ORA Recovery Slide Review 2

I wear these shoes in so many different situations and they have truly helped me stay injury free and recover faster from my runs. I would say, “run to get these!”

Additionally, if you struggle with plantar fasciitis these are perfect to wear around the house to keep your feet from being on hard surfaces (which aggravates the plantar fascia).

These sandals also help heal the injury by taking pressure off the arch and plantar fascia while equally bringing in healthy nutrients to the area.

Seriously, these versatile recovery sandals are truly a game changer for runners and athletes alike! Check these sandals out if you want some happy feet.


The Hoka One One recovery slide is a multi-purpose and supportive recovery shoe that can meet a need of almost everyone!

Whether you’re a marathon runner or a busy parent chasing around kiddos, this recovery slide will make your feet feel relief after a long, stressful day.

Consider it as just another tool in your recovery toolbox!

Hoka One One ORA Recovery Slide Review 3

This recovery slide offers fabulous comfort and is designed specifically with foot ergonomics in mind to reduce fatigue and enhance recovery.

The dual-layer EVA foam combined with the meta-rocker platform is technology made for success and it is sure to relieve your aches and pains.

It is a great option for injury prevention or if you’re dealing with some pesky plantar fasciitis.

Regardless, this shoe is truly a 10/10 and worth giving a shot! So check it out here and let us know what you think of this stellar sandal.

Additionally, you can combine this shoe with an at-home foot massager by some famous physical therapists, Bob and Brad, to really peak your foot recovery.

And check out other recovery and injury prevention tools and techniques here! All of these ideas are simply tools to be used for optimal performance and stress reduction.

Thanks for reading and let us know what you think!

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