Can This Popular Daily Routine Improve Your Running? And, Marathon Long Runs Explained

On this week's podcast, Alex, Katelyn and Michael discuss Alex's one month on the trendy "Daily Blueprint" routine; plus, how to do long runs the right way

On this week’s episode of the Marathon Handbook Podcast, our editors Alex Cyr, Katelyn Tocci and Michael Doyle discuss Alex’s recent video essay entitled “Can Andrew Huberman’s Daily Blueprint Make Me a Better Runner?”.

Then, they break down everything you need to know about the long run, a weekly cornerstone workout for marathon training.

Watch Alex’s video essay “Can Andrew Huberman’s Daily Blueprint Make Me a Better Runner?” here: https://youtu.be/j5EqZenojE8 Podcast hosts: Alex Cyr, Katelyn Tocci, Michael Doyle

Hosts: Alex Cyr, Michael Doyle and Katelyn Tocci

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