Introducing Our Running Merch Store!

Hey folks!

Thomas from Marathon Handbook here.

For a long time I resisted the idea of doing any kind of merch . . . then one day when out running with a good friend, they suggested that we could use the Marathon Handbook platform to create something a little different . . .

We’ve spent the past few months working with designers and talking with stockists, and we’re pretty excited to be rolling out our store concept to you guys!

Introducing Our Running Merch Store! 1

The Marathon Handbook store aims to make our world a better place to run:

For every garment or product sold, we plant a tree to more-than-offset the carbon emissions created by the sale.

Where possible, we’ve also sourced ethically-produced materials for all our garments.


Introducing Our Running Merch Store! 2

Why Are You Planting Trees?

As a mainly digital business, our carbon footprint has never been something we’ve really had to worry about. But when we started having conversations about producing merch and gear, the concern raised it’s head – in the manufacturing and shipping processes, we’d be generating carbon that contributes to making the planet worse.

As runners, we want to keep our trails and environments in the best possible condition – and pass it on to the next generation in as good a condition as we can.

By planting trees, we are more-than offsetting the carbon generated by our gear.

Where Are The Trees?

We’ve partnered with Ecologi to plant the Marathon Handbook ‘forest’ in Mozambique and Madagascar…we’ve started off with 500 trees and will add one for each product sold.

Click here to check out our tree count, where our forest is, and CO2 emissions offset.

Introducing Our Running Merch Store! 3

As our little concept store (hopefully) grows and blossoms, I’ll continue to provide updates and reports to ensure transparency.

Are You Certified Carbon Negative?

Not yet. We’ve been trying to gain accreditation but there is currently a lot of demand for this, and since we’re a relatively small outfit for now we’re at the back of the line. But we’re working on it.

To give you a rough idea though . . . each tree sequesters approximately 308kg of carbon from the air (source) whereas a typical t-shirt consumes around 5-10kg of carbon in the production and shipping . . . so we’re confident that we’re covered.

Where’s The Technical Running Gear?

It’s in the works!

Looking longer-term, we’ve got ambitions to bring excellent-quality technical apparel to our store, but we want to get it right. We don’t want to rush things and just buy in mass-produced stock, put a logo on it, then resell it.

So for now, we’re launching with our range of Eco Cotton / Recycled Polyester gear (I’ve been running in these shirts for the past few weeks and love them) as well as some high-quality drinkware.

Why Are The Delivery Times and Shipping Costs Kinda High?

Because of the small scale of our initial launch, we’re currently working with a print-on-demand partner: so every piece ordered is created once the user places their order, which means it can take a couple of weeks to get to you.

This isn’t our ideal scenario, obviously – but we chose this route to get our concept out into the world. The good news is that fulfillment takes place from two separate locations: the USA and within the EU, so we can better serve our global customer base and minimize the carbon footprint of shipping the garments!

Our Designs

Let me show you some of the designs we’ve been working on and are super-excited about . . . here are my favorites :

Introducing Our Running Merch Store! 4

Classic Marathon Handbook Unisex Eco Tee

We asked, you responded – and we listened. My initial enthusiasm told me to go for bold, eyecatching designs – then when I surveyed you guys, I realised that sometimes subtle is more powerful. This design features our all-new logo on the breast, and nothing else.

Each tee is made of 4 recycled RPET bottles. 60% Organic Cotton, 40% Recycled Polyester.

Also available as a sweaterhoodie, and tank top.

Introducing Our Running Merch Store! 5

Run Far. Plant Trees. Unisex Eco Tee

A design that celebrates our tree planting initiative – for every garment and product we sell through the store, we plant a tree.

Also available as an Eco Hoodie

Introducing Our Running Merch Store! 6

Building Epic Runners Stainless Steel Tumbler

This stainless steel tumbler flask holds 20oz, is double-wall insulated, and perfect for hot or cold drinks – whether at home or in the car. It comes with a secure sealing lid with a sliding sipper section.

This design is also available as a water bottletee, and tank top.

Introducing Our Running Merch Store! 7

I’m Going Running – But First, Coffee. Diner Mug 

Classic diner mug for those of you who need a caffeine hit before heading out for your morning run! Possibly my favorite piece. Definitely, the one I use the most.

Introducing Our Running Merch Store! 8

Hydrated and Hasty Stainless Insulated Drinks Bottle

Introducing Our Running Merch Store! 9​​

Hydrated and Hasty Unisex Eco Tee

+ loads more designs to check out:


As always, if you guys have any questions or comments about the concept store or products, I’m here to chat – just leave a comment below!

Thanks and keep running far!

Thomas Watson, Head Coach and Founder – Marathon Handbook

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Thomas Watson

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