8 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Salt Water In The Morning

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There are various self-care and health practices recommended to be included in a healthy morning routine such as a morning walk, meditation or journaling, a quick yoga session, and drinking a full glass of water.

But, are there benefits of drinking lemon salt water in the morning? Is lemon and Himalayan salt water better for you than plain water or lemon water?

In other words, are there unique lemon salt water benefits that make this morning drink better than a full glass of regular water or lemon water?

In the article, we will discuss what lemon salt water is and the potential benefits of Himalayan salt lemon water to help you decide if you want to swap out your regular water for a glass of salted lemon water in the morning.

We will look at the following: 

  • What Is Lemon Salt Water?
  • 8 Benefits of Lemon and Himalayan Salt Water

Let’s get started!

Lemon salt water.

What Is Lemon Salt Water?

Lemon salt water is a drink made with lemon juice and Himalayan salt added to regular water.

There are various salted lemon water recipes, but most people add the juice of 1/2 or one full fresh lemon into 8 to 12 ounces of water and then add a quarter teaspoon of natural Himalayan sea salt.

Pink Himalayan sea salt is generally the salt of choice for lemon salt water, but if you do not have access to Himalayan sea salt, you can use Celtic sea salt or another natural salt. 

Even iodized salt will work, but proponents of drinking salted lemon water in the morning highly recommend natural sea salt so that you get some of the micronutrients found in Himalayan sea salt and other such natural salts.

You can drink hot lemon water with Himalayan salt added to it, or you can drink your lemon salt water at room temperature or even cold.

That said, because salt dissolves better in warm water, and there may be some additional benefits of drinking hot water in the morning, many holistic health experts recommend drinking hot lemon and Himalayan salt water in the morning to get your day off on the right foot.

Lemon slices in salt.

8 Benefits of Lemon and Himalayan Salt Water

So, why would you want to drink lemon salted water? What are the lemon salt water benefits?

Although there is not much in the way of scientific evidence specifically looking at the effects of drinking salted lemon water in the morning, it is a morning ritual practice for health gaining traction.

What you will find about the lemon salt water benefits is that by combining water, lemon, and Himalayan salt in one morning drink, you derive the sum total of the benefits of drinking plain water, the benefits of drinking lemon water, and the benefits of drinking salted water.

Ultimately, this helps elevate the lemon Himalayan salt water benefits over the benefits of drinking any of the three constituent parts on their own.

Some of the potential benefits of drinking water with lemon and salt include the following:

Lemon salt water.

#1: Drinking Lemon Salt Water Aids Hydration

The primary benefit of drinking lemon salt water is that it aids hydration and helps you meet your daily fluid needs.

Many people underestimate their fluid needs and are chronically dehydrated to some degree.

Dehydration is associated with many adverse effects, including fatigue, headaches, reduced metabolic rate, increased hunger, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, and constipation, among other issues.

According to the Institute of Medicine, women should drink a minimum of 78 ounces (2.3 liters) of water each day, and men should drink at least 112 ounces (3.3 liters) per day. 

Fluid needs are even higher for people with a larger body size, who sweat a lot, who live in a hot climate, or who perform endurance exercises.

Drinking salted lemon water may potentially improve hydration over drinking plain water or drinking lemon water because the sodium may help improve fluid absorption in the gut.

Lemon salt water.

Electrolytes, namely sodium, are also involved in maintaining proper fluid balance

When you consume sodium, the body will retain more fluid, which will help you raise your total body water levels. This is particularly important if you live in a warm climate, sweat a lot, or engage in long-duration or high-intensity exercise.

Furthermore, although there isn’t much sugar in lemon juice, studies suggest that when glucose is consumed alongside electrolytes in fluid, fluid absorption is even faster and more effective.

Plus, an often overlooked hydration benefit of drinking water with lemon juice and Himalayan salt is that it might be more palatable for many people who otherwise find plain water to be boring and unappealing.

If you can get yourself to drink a full glass of lemon juice salted water in the morning, or any time of day for that matter, but you would otherwise just sip a little bit of plain water, you are more likely to meet your hydration goals with the flavored lemon water.

A bottle of lemon salt water.

#2: Drinking Salted Lemon Water May Decrease the Intake of Juice and Soda

Another health benefit of drinking lemon water with salt is that it is a much healthier alternative to fruit juice, soda, sports drinks, and other sugar-sweetened beverages. 

Sweetened beverages are the primary source of added sugars in the typical American diet.

The overconsumption of sweetened beverages and added sugars, in general, is associated with numerous adverse health conditions, including dental cavities and periodontal disease, fatty liver disease, obesity, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, metabolic syndrome and weight gain.

Drinking water with lemon juice and salt is a great flavored water alternative that contains virtually no calories and no added sugars. This can save you a ton of excess calories, which may help prevent weight gain and the aforementioned health issues.

Squeeze a lemon into water.

#3: Drinking Lemon Salt Water Provides Vitamin C

Adding lemon juice to water is an easy way to boost your vitamin C intake.

Squeezing the juice of one medium-sized lemon into your Himalayan salt lemon water will give you a little more than 20% of your daily vitamin C needs.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help protect your cells from oxidative damage from free radicals, 

It also helps the body absorb iron, produces certain hormones, decreases inflammation, supports the immune system and decreases the risk of infection, and synthesizes collagen, the most abundant protein in the body.

#4: Drinking Lemon Water With Salt May Support Your Liver

There is some evidence from animal studies to suggest that lemon juice may help protect the liver, likely due to the antioxidant effects of the vitamin C.

Lemon salt water with rosemary.

#5: Drinking Lemon Water May Aid Digestion

One of the benefits of starting your day with a glass of lemon salt water is that it may help support digestion and prevent constipation.

Dehydration is one of the main causes of constipation, so staying well hydrated by drinking lemon water with salt can help prevent this from occurring.

Plus, there’s some evidence to suggest that lemons may support digestion, and salt helps increase stomach acid. 

Low stomach acid can impair digestion and lead to gas and bloating.

#6: Drinking Himalayan Salt and Lemon Water Can Improve Nervous System Function

Although not necessarily a benefit of drinking lemon salt water specifically, research shows that one of the benefits of drinking water is that it improves the activity of your central nervous system, aids neurological performance during demanding tasks, and can reduce anxiety and elevate mood.

Lemon salt water in a pitcher and glasses.

#7: Drinking Lemon Water May Reduce the Risk of Kidney Stones

The National Kidney Foundation suggests that drinking lemon water may help reduce the risk of kidney stones. 

This is due to the citric acid in lemons, which may help prevent stone formation.

One study found that drinking more water, in general, may be an effective way to improve kidney function because better hydration levels help dilute harmful waste compounds in the blood. 

#8: Drinking Lemon Salt Water May Support Weight Loss

There is plenty of research to suggest that water increases fullness. This can potentially help control appetite and decrease caloric intake. 

Drinking water may also increase metabolic rate through a process called water thermogenesis.

There is also some evidence to suggest that lemons may further increase metabolic rate and suppress body fat accumulation.

Thus, a potential lemon salt water benefit is supporting weight loss when combined with a calorie-controlled, nutritious diet and regular physical activity.

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Pineapple chunks and water.
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