12 Great Low Sodium Snacks: Good Foods Low In Sodium

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Many of the most popular snack foods are very salty, and if you are on a low-sodium diet, it can be hard to think of low sodium snacks that satisfy your cravings while meeting your nutritional needs and diet goals.

So, what are the best low-salt snacks? Are there foods low in sodium or even no sodium foods that make quick and easy snacks?

In this guide, we will briefly discuss what low sodium snacks are and provide a list of some of the best no salt snacks and low salt snacks for those needing some inspiration for low sodium snacks.

We will look at: 

  • What Are Low Sodium Snacks?
  • 12 Great Low Sodium Snacks: Good Foods Low In Sodium

Let’s get started!

Roasted chickpeas.

What Are Low Sodium Snacks?

Low-sodium snacks are low in salt and are often chosen by those looking to improve health or who follow a low-sodium diet like the DASH diet (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension). 

Although your body needs some sodium, according to research, Americans consume an average of 3,400 milligrams (mg) of sodium per day. 

This is nearly 150% of the sodium recommendations per day (2,300 mg) provided in the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

According to food labeling, “Low Sodium Foods” contain no more than 149 mg of sodium per serving, “Very Low Sodium Foods” contain a maximum of 35 mg of sodium per serving, and “Salt Free Foods” or “Sodium Free Foods” must contain less than 5 mg of sodium per serving.

Low-salt snacks can address hypertension (high blood pressure) by limiting sodium intake, and nearly half of all American adults suffer from hypertension (and similar rates in other Western countries).

12 Great Low Sodium Snacks: Good Foods Low In Sodium

Here are some of the best low-salt snacks and no-salt snacks to have on your “low salt snack list”:

Apples and peanut butter.

#1: Unsalted Peanut Butter and Apple Slices

One of the best no sodium snacks is unsalted peanut butter or unsalted almond butter with apple slices or on a banana.

While many commercial nut butters have added salt, natural peanut butter and almond butter are also offered in unsalted varieties.

The fruit provides sweetness without salt, and the nut butter gives you healthy fats, protein, and fiber for satiety. This combo makes fruit and peanut butter a well-balanced, nutritious snack without salt.

#2: Unsalted Peanut Butter or Sunflower Seed Butter With Carrots

You can dip baby carrots or carrot sticks in unsalted peanut butter or unsalted sunflower seed butter if you want a low-carb low-sodium snack instead of having fruit with nut butter.

Celery can also work well if you want to have even fewer carbs, making this a great low sodium keto snack.

Celery and carrot sticks with peanut butter.

#3: Ants On a Log

Ants on a log is a classic childhood snack that involves spreading peanut butter on the hollow of a celery stalk and then planting raisins along the peanut butter every couple of inches as if the raisins are “ants.“

If you use unsalted peanut butter, this is a great low sodium snack that gives you a good crunch along with fiber from the celery and a little bit of protein and fat from the peanut nut butter.

#4: Unsalted Nuts and Seeds

Although most people consider mixed nuts and seeds very salty, you can buy unsalted nuts and seeds in almost any variety or as mixed packages.

There are even some delicious trail mixes that are very low in salt. Our favorite is Second Nature Snacks.

The Second Nature Dark Chocolate Medley has only 25 mg of sodium (1% of the DV) per serving!

It is absolutely delicious and has a nice blend of healthy almonds, cashews, and pecans, with a pop of dark chocolate bits for an antioxidant-rich low-carb snack without salt.

A bowl of cottage cheese.

#5: No Salt Added Cottage Cheese

Regular cottage cheese is quite salty. However, several brands make a “no salt added cottage cheese,” which typically has less than 3% of your daily value of sodium per serving.

For example, Hood No Salt Low Fat Cottage Cheese has just 60 mg of salt per 1/2 cup serving. Plus, you’ll get 14 grams of protein and just 90 calories.

You can have a full cup of cottage cheese and stay under 150 mg of sodium while getting a whopping 28 grams of protein and less than 200 calories in your snack.

Because unsalted cottage cheese is quite bland, you can add cinnamon, unsalted mixed nuts, fresh fruit, coconut flakes, honey, or other no sodium foods to flavor your protein-packed low-sodium snack.

A bowl of tuna fish.

#6: No Salt Tuna

Canned tuna is a great high-protein snack but contains a lot of salt. 

The good news is that there is tuna without salt added, providing all the protein with much less sodium. There is still some natural sodium in tuna fish, so this isn’t a “no sodium food,” but it certainly qualifies as a low-sodium food.

For example, one full 4.5-ounce can of Starkist Selects Chunk White Tuna In Water No Salt Added has only 65 mg of sodium (3% of the DV of sodium) and a whopping 30 g of protein for only 130 calories.

You can eat the no-salt tuna fish on cucumber slices, celery, low sodium crackers, or even make a low-sodium tuna salad with a low-sodium salad dressing or mustard and chopped celery. 

This is a great weight loss snack because it is low in calories but high in protein, which can help you stay full between meals.

Additionally, this is a good option if you need a no-carb snack without salt.

A variety of chopped fruit.

#7: Fruit

Most fruits contain very little salt, and some fruits can even be considered “no salt foods” or “no sodium foods” based on just how little salt they naturally have.

As long as you are not on a low-carb diet, fruit can be a healthy no sodium snack choice.

#8: Chocolate Milk

Plain or chocolate milk is an excellent snack low in salt for those who are not following a plant-based diet.

There are also healthy plant-based milks that qualify as low sodium foods and can be a good low salt snack idea.

For example, Willa’s Kitchen Dark Chocolate Oat Milk is about as decadent as chocolate milk can be.

This plant-based milk is a low salt food with only 7% of the DV of sodium per serving.

Milk provides protein, calcium, and a few other essential vitamins and minerals.

Keep in mind that chocolate milk usually has a lot of added sugar, so look for low sugar chocolate milk if your goal is to have a nutritious low sodium snack.

Greek yogurt with blueberries and granola.

#9: Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has 20 grams of protein in 146 calories and just 68 mg of sodium (3% of the DV). 

You can add fruit or low-salt toppings.

#10: Roasted Chickpeas

If you love crunchy salty snacks and you need a low sodium chips snack alternative that still satisfies your craving for chips, pretzels, or other popular packaged salty snacks, you can make roasted chickpeas.

Season them with cinnamon, or go savory with pepper, garlic powder, or chili powder.

A protein shake with scoops of protein powder surrounding it.

#11: Protein Shake

Protein shakes can be a convenient snack between meals, particularly if you are trying to have high-protein snacks for workout recovery.

However, many protein powders are surprisingly high in sodium, particularly if the protein powder is flavored or a pea, plant-based, or egg protein.

Therefore, it’s important to look at the nutrition label if you want to make a low sodium protein shake.

#12: Air-Popped Popcorn

Popcorn is a low-calorie snack that can give you the satisfying crunch of many high-calorie snack foods. It is also a naturally sodium-free food.

Plus, when you make air-popped popcorn, you don’t have to add any salt, or you can sprinkle it very lightly with salt, making for a credible low-sodium snack.

Popcorn contains only 30 calories per cup, and there’s a little bit of fiber (about as much as an apple in a 3-cup serving), as well as antioxidants and polyphenols.

To flavor the popcorn without adding salt, use unsalted butter or avocado oil, and sprinkle the popcorn with different seasonings such as garlic powder, cumin, pepper, or paprika.

You can also sprinkle the air-popped popcorn with nutritional yeast. This superfood has a Parmesan cheese-like flavor and is packed with B vitamins without nearly as much salt as real cheese.

For more healthy snack ideas, check out our guide to the best snacks under 100 calories here.

A bowl of popcorn.
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