What’s the Deal with This Parkrun Feud? How To Get into the 2025 London Marathon, and Our Race Prep Toolkit

On this week's episode of the Marathon Handbook Podcast, Katelyn Tocci and Michael Doyle unpack this bizarre Parkrun controversy, explore how to get a London entry if you didn't get a spot through the lottery, and our approach to doing marathon race week right

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Katelyn Tocci and Michael Doyle dig into what’s going on with this Parkrun controversy that’s been raging for the past couple of months. It seems as if it’s come to an impasse. If you don’t know what’s going on, it’s a pretty significant story that touches upon a lot of major issues in the running scene right now. We’ll unpack it for you. 

Then, the London Marathon wrapped last week, and the organizers opened the entry lottery for 2025, and… it was overwhelming. Nearly 900,000 signups for just 17,000 spots. Madness. Katelyn and Michael get into why this race is so popular, and what it means for the state of running, including a theory I’ve got about the health of the running industry. 

And finally, Katelyn is running a marathon this weekend. She’s an ultrarunner, and hasn’t hit the road in some time, but she’s trained really hard for this one. So we thought it would be a good opportunity to go deep on how to prepare for a goal race. Think of it as a complete toolkit for pre-marathon prep. We talk taper, long runs, workouts, her race week checklist, carb load strategy, and how she mentally prepares for the daunting task of running 26.2 miles. It’s a good one.

Hosts: Katelyn Tocci and Michael Doyle

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