Post-Race Recovery Done Right, and the Golden Era of the “Super Trainer” Shoe

In our weekly group chat, Katelyn talks about running her first marathon in years, how to go about post-race recovery the right way, and goal setting in order to stay on track. Then, Alex explains the super trainer mini-boom

Marathon Handbook editors Alex Cyr, Michael Doyle and Katelyn Tocci gather together for their weekly group chat.  Katelyn just ran a marathon in New Hampshire, where there was snow at the start line and she ran down a big ol’ mountain.

It was her first in many years, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to unpack how each of us recovers when the goal race is done, and also how we get up off the mat, and refocus and the importance of goal setting. 

We share with you each of our own big goals for the rest of the year and beyond. 

And then, Alex, our Lord of the Shoes, explains this golden era in “super trainers,” the Frankenstein category between a super shoe and an everyday trainer, with recent releases from the likes of Hoka and On Running. 

Alex shares his thoughts on whether or not these shoes are the Goldilocks for workouts and long runs, if they are worth the pretty high cost of adding them to the roster, or if they are just marketing hype.

Hosts: Alex Cyr, Michael Doyle, Katelyn Tocci

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