Here’s How To Eat 5000 Calories A Day To Seriously Add Bulk

If you are an active individual or a bodybuilder trying to add bulk or gain mass, you have to consume more calories than you are burning. With the addition of the calories burned from intense weightlifting workouts, you may find that you have to eat 5000 calories a day to support muscle building or your … Read more

High Calorie Foods: 12 High Calorie Foods For Effective Weight Gain 

Although conversations surrounding body weight and diet are very heavily weighted (pun intended!) towards “the best weight loss foods” and weight loss diets, there are still plenty of people who are looking for “the best weight gain foods” or what to eat to gain weight. Unfortunately, underweight people gravitate toward processed foods like potato chips, … Read more

4000 Calories A Day Meal Plan + 5 Tips To Help Maintain It

For most people, eating 4000 calories a day is well above what their body may need, but for bodybuilders or those trying to bulk and build muscle, or highly active endurance athletes, eating 4000 calories a day may be necessary to support activity and muscle growth. But, is 4000 calories a day too much? How … Read more