On Cloudgo Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The On Cloudgo, a classic trainer with a new look.

Let’s get something clear really quick.

It’s not OC, QC, or ACDC.

It’s On.

On Running is the name, confusing logos is the game.

Jokes aside, the Cloudgo is a great option for the person looking for a casual ground pounder that performs as well as it looks.

With Cloudtec and a TPU speedboard, the Cloudgo provides a soft landing and responsive toe-off. Studies have shown that these elements offer an impressive performance advantage.

Put to the ultimate test, keep reading for a full review of the On Cloudgo!

graphic showing the on cloudgo shoe with all it's stats
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Very roomy toe boxMaybe a bit too roomy
Looks coolMaterial doesn’t breathe well
Lower heart rates at faster effortsNot much outsole – wears fast
Moderately cushionedLow-quality liner

Marathon Handbook rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3.5 / 5.0

On Cloudgo: First Impressions

oncloud go shoes

On Running is a Swiss brand that was founded in 2010 with a simple goal in mind; soft landing, firm takeoff. The brand has since exploded in popularity and recognition.

Worn and loved by runners, walkers, and the casual individual, On has also been adopted into a world of aesthetic. On shoes have gained the appeal of individuals seeking a balance of performance and design.

The Cloudgo creates a nice balance of performance and beauty.

Starting with the upper, the presence of overlays is minimal, reducing weight in the design. That being said, the existing overlays appear to provide sufficient structure where it’s needed.

The interior of the shoe is soft and accommodating. The heel and tongue within the shoe provide plenty of padding, and the platform has a very spacious design for the average foot.

On top of the shoe, the material of the upper is a little thick.

Runners in Florida might not like the lack of ventilation, while someone in Maine might love the warmth around their toes during the cooler months of the year. It will ultimately serve its purpose well in any climate.

The material under-foot is soft and particularly well-padded in the forefoot compared to some competitors.

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On Cloudgo: About the shoe

oncloud go shoes
  • Weight: 8.99 oz / 255 grams
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 11mm
  • Category: Neutral
  • Terrain: Road
  • Pace: Daily running

The On Cloudgo is a neutral trainer that was truly designed for daily running.

Mid-tier cushioning and an 11mm drop from heel to toe, this shoe runs well alongside shoes such as the Asics Cumulus, New Balance 880, and Brooks Ghost.

Made with 90% recycled polyester and 30% overall recycled materials, this shoe weighs in on the lighter side of mid-cushioned trainers.

At 7.76 ounces for women and 8.99 ounces for men, the Cloudgo offers a light and responsive feeling underfoot.

Soft landings, firm takeoffs.

Best for mid distance, this shoe Incorporates the ever-present Cloudtec cushioning in the midsole, this shoe is made to produce a soft landing followed quickly by a responsive push off the toes with its forefoot rocker.

Studies on the Cloudtec cushion combined with the TPU speedboard have shown that wearing On shoes can reduce heartrates and muscle fatigue while increasing performance.

I will touch on my experience with this shoe and how I perceive its performance later on in the article.

Most running shoes designed for regular training have a typical life of roughly 500 miles.

This shoe seems to have slightly less durability than one would hope; another detail I will discuss more during the road performance segment of the article.

Wearers of On are often all too familiar with the common frustration of going for a run only to have to stop every couple of miles to remove small stones and sticks that have been wedged into the deep grooves of the outsole.

This is no longer a concern with the Cloudgo.

The first of its kind, the Cloudgo has a sleek design on the bottom of the shoe that will not catch pebbles, sticks, or other debris from the side of the road.

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On Cloudgo: Colors and Widths

oncloud go shoes

The On Cloudgo comes in 4 different colors for both men and women. With this shoe being one of the newest releases within the brand, it is likely more color releases will arrive in the coming months.

The On Cloudgo is only made in a standard width for men (D) and women (B).

This might feel a bit limiting for some but remember that the shoe fits almost roomy enough to classify as a wide fit.

If you have a narrow foot, I would strongly recommend trying this shoe on before considering purchasing. Frankly, this is always a good idea if possible.

Men have a shoe size range from 7-14, while women have access to sizes 5-11.

As the company grows, I would expect On to extend its shoe size selection. This is a good start for now.

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On Cloudgo Road Test: How Did It Perform?

oncloud go shoes
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I had the unique opportunity to be invited out by On Running to put these shoes to the ultimate test; a relay race across the state of Florida.

This performance review is a culmination of my personal experience during and after the relay, along with the shared experiences of many other runners during the relay event.

First off is the initial feel.

For my foot, this shoe feels incredibly wide fitting.

I have a plethora of extra material both around the mid and forefoot that almost makes the shoe feel a little sloppy.

The heel feels secure, so it is not something that has generated much concern for me. I will add that I have a slightly narrow foot.

Running in the Cloudgo is nice, but nothing was emitting fireworks.

Not everyone is meant to fall in love with every shoe, but I find the Cloudrunner and Cloudmonster to be much more appealing from the On lineup when looking for a performance trainer.

Made with a neutral platform, the Cloudgo is a great shoe for runners with a high, sturdy arch.

Although there isn’t a stabilizing component in the shoe, the wider base seems to create a mild degree of inherent stability.

The harder, longer-lasting rubberized outsole is positioned in key areas of ground contact on the bottom of the shoe.

Many shoes have been doing this to reduce weight, but the Cloudgo might have eliminated a little too much outsole in the shoe. With only about 100 miles worth of wear time, my Cloudgo’s look as though they have 200+ miles of wear.

As I mentioned earlier, the material that makes the upper is not the most breathable of fabrics.

Running a relay race in the middle of August at 3pm in Florida makes this all too apparent. I imagine this shoe will feel excellent in cooler weather.

My last negative critique is the liner inside the shoe.

This is something that a handful of runners had issues with throughout the relay. Some runners found their liners creeping out the back of their heels.

My own liner seemed to flatten out after only about 10 miles of wear. Liners are fortunately easy to replace if this isn’t remedied soon.

The TPU speedboard doesn’t seem as responsive as other On shoes, but the Cloudtec performs exactly as it should; providing a soft landing and firm takeoff.

The redeeming quality about the Cloudgo is that they are plenty comfortable and supportive for short and long distances.

Key Takeaways: Should You Buy The On Cloudgo?

oncloud go shoes

The Cloudgo fits the mold of a daily trainer but doesn’t extend far beyond that performance threshold.

Soft and responsive, the Cloudgo offers suitable performance for easy and moderate pace efforts but seems to wear prematurely.

At a medium-high price point, this shoe feels like it could use a few slight improvements, which I am excited to see in future releases. That being said, it does fit well in this price bracket.

Ultimately, I would recommend this shoe to casual runners that also want to wear the same shoe out to brunch or shopping later in the day.

High-mileage runners might find the need to replace this shoe a bit faster than desired.

Marathon Handbook rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3.5 / 5.0

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