The Best Smart Treadmills In 2023

If you’re looking to upgrade your home workouts with a smart treadmill, you’ve made a great choice. For those of you hate running in the rain or extreme heat (but typically get bored on a treadmill), smart treadmills are an excellent third option.  It can be a daunting task to choose the right treadmill for … Read more

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The 5 Best Curved Treadmills of 2023

This year, your search for the best curved treadmill just might be a little easier. With so many runners now having to stay inside, many turn to treadmills to keep their running game strong.  This means more reliable opinions for you. No more browsing through ad after ad saying, “Okay, but does it work?” We’ve … Read more

The 5 Best Folding Treadmills With Incline in 2023

Incline treadmills are a great addition to your running routine – they allow you to train from the comfort of your own home, to set specific pace, elevation and distance goals to keep your training on target – and even better, you never have to worry about the weather forecast. Yet, despite their many benefits, … Read more

6 Types Of Treadmills Explained And The Best In Each Category

Buying a treadmill is one of the best ways to invest in your personal fitness. It provides a convenient way to make exercise a part of your daily life, removing some of the typical barriers to running such as poor weather and lack of time. When you have a treadmill, you can exercise whenever you … Read more

Wahoo ELEMNT Rival Multisport GPS Watch Review

Wahoo Fitness is a popular sports tech company renowned for their cycling and fitness accessories, such as heart rate monitors, cadence sensors, smart bikes and smart trainers, and fitness watches. While Wahoo has been making various fitness watches for years, the Wahoo ELEMNT Rival Multisport GPS Watch is Wahoo’s first GPS watch suited for running … Read more

How to Buy A Treadmill: The Ultimate Treadmill Buyer’s Guide

Treadmills are among the most popular pieces of home exercise equipment, which makes sense given the popularity of running and walking for exercise and the convenience and versatility of a treadmill as a cardio machine.  However, there are so many treadmills on the market these days that it can be really difficult to decide which … Read more

9 Tips For Marathon Training On A Treadmill

Training for a marathon almost entirely on a treadmill likely sounds extremely unappealing — if not nearly unfathomable — to many runners. After all, the treadmill has earned its now-familiar nickname, the “dreadmill.” Even if this tongue-in-cheek moniker is said mostly in jest, the undeniable fact is that many runners find running on the treadmill … Read more

How To Run On A Treadmill: Basics, Benefits + 5 Fun Workouts To Try

Whether you’re a beginner runner or have logged enough miles over your lifetime in the sport to circle the globe, chances are, you’ve found yourself running on a treadmill at one point or another. Many runners have a love-hate relationship with the treadmill. It’s a great training tool and safer alternative to running in the … Read more

Hoka One One Rincon 3 Review

Hoka One One Rincon 3 Review: Introduction The popular athletic shoe company Hoka One One (pronounced O-NAY O-NAY) have upgraded their Rincon road running shoes. This shoe, being their third rendition, ensured that it came packed with all new changes to turn the shoe from good to great. The Hoka One One Rincon 3 (Amazon … Read more

Hoka One One Arahi 4 Review 

PROS CONS Good value-for-money Has to be worn in / could be too stiff for some Great cushion and stability Some runners reported tightness in areas Lightweight and durable Tongue occasionally slipped out of position on our pair Hoka One One Arahi 4 Intro Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard … Read more

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How Accurate Is Apple Watch Calories Data? + 6 Tips For Better Results

With the popularity of wearable fitness trackers such as the Apple Watch, an increasing number of people rely on Apple Watch calories burned to estimate calories burned in a workout or total daily caloric expenditure. But, how accurate is Apple Watch calories data? In other words, can you trust the number of calories burned on … Read more

The 7 Best Gym Shoes For Men in 2023

Looking for the best gym shoes for men to wear for your workouts? When working out in the gym, it’s important to have a comfortable and stable shoe to knock out your squat jumps and then easily transition to the stairmaster or bar for deadlifts.  Here is an overview of our top pics. The 7 … Read more