The 9 Best Minimalist and Barefoot Running Shoes for 2024

Barefoot running shoes are designed to provide the organic experience of running barefoot, but with the protection of a shoe. You’ll also hear them referred to as minimalist running shoes, a term that accurately describes their stripped-back style. The Italian company Vibram led the way in barefoot shoe design with the release of their toe … Read more

Our Editor’s Pick Of The 8 Best Trail Running Shoes for Women

Trail running shoes are designed to help you tackle rough and rugged terrain in all kinds of weather. In addition to providing excellent traction, they should offer stability and support for a comfortable run on uneven trails. Finding the best women’s trail running shoes to fit your needs isn’t always easy. There are heaps of … Read more

HIIT Classes: Everything You Need To Know For Your First HIIT Workout!

If you’re a beginner or new to HIIT, you’ll probably have questions such as, “What is HIIT?” and, “Can beginners take on a HIIT class?” HIIT is a workout format that involves alternating between bursts of vigorous exercise and easy recovery periods. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can definitely sound intimidating to beginners—and admittedly, it’s not … Read more

Hiking Vs Walking: A Detailed Comparison

To some people, the answer to “What’s the difference between hiking and walking?” probably seems rather obvious. Still, for those just getting started on their fitness journey, there’s plenty of confusion about hiking vs walking. Aside from the straightforward difference between hiking vs walking in terms of definition, there are additional factors of interest in … Read more

How Accurate Is Garmin VO2 Max?

These days, Garmin GPS watches can provide workout stats that runners a couple of decades ago would have never imagined possible. Besides basic running metrics such as your pace, distance, and time, many of the Garmin GPS running watches offer advanced data like your heart rate zones, vertical oscillation, stride length, and ground contact time. … Read more

Stress And Anxiety: How Running Can Improve Your Stress Levels

Stress and anxiety are all too common these days. Between work demands and feeling over-scheduled, financial problems, relationship challenges and family stress, health concerns, world issues, and political tension, it seems like there’s often something in our lives causing tension, worry, and emotional distress. Of course, no one likes to feel anxious. Your heart races, … Read more

The 11 Best Marathons In The USA + 11 Honorable Mentions

For many runners, running a marathon is a bucket list goal. It’s an incredible accomplishment, yet one that’s completely attainable for experienced runners who put in the training. Once runners set their intentions on running a marathon, they get to ask one of the most fun running questions there is: “Which marathon should I run?” … Read more

Many Runners Find “Hoka One One Hurt My Feet.” Let’s Explore Why

If every runner happened upon a fantastical genie who would grant them three running-related wishes, you can bet that probably every single runner would use one of those three wishes never to get injured again. One of the primary ways in which runners strive to prevent injuries is in their choice of running shoes. Some … Read more

Running On No Sleep: The Effects Of Sleep-Deprived Workouts 

The importance of getting enough sleep every night is hammered into us, and we are well aware that adequate sleep is vital not only to run well but also to feel well and maintain optimal health. Unfortunately, while most runners strive to consistently get enough sleep to support their training and overall health, almost all … Read more

Want To Optimize Your Running Economy? Simply Buy Comfortable Running Shoes

Some runners love to geek out over running shoes. They like to keep track of the latest models and have tried nearly every major running shoe brand.  Running shoe fiends can even identify the model of a running shoe from a distance and tell you something about it. They’re the first to order a new … Read more

How To Calculate Max Heart Rate: 8 Ways To Measure Your Max HR

One of the best ways to gauge your workout intensity is to monitor your heart rate.  Because your heart rate is correlated with the intensity level of any type of physical activity, and the association is fairly linear, your heart rate during exercise can be an effective and practical way to quantify your effort level … Read more

Walking 30 Minutes A Day: The Benefits And Tips To Make It A Habit

When many people consider starting an exercise program after being inactive for quite some time, they immediately jump to thinking that the only real options for working out involve signing up for a gym membership and getting on a cardio machine like the elliptical or bike. However, while cardio machines and gym workouts are certainly … Read more