Raw Till 4 Diet Guide: Investigating the Partial Day Raw Eating Approach

A Comprehensive Exploration of the High-Carb Vegan Lifestyle

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The Raw Till 4 Diet, also called the R24 diet, is a specific high-carb raw vegan lifestyle diet.

The Raw Till 4 Diet meal plan, which was created by Freelee the Banana Girl (aka Leanne Ratcliffe), centers around not only eating a raw foods diet until 4 PM each day but also eating a ton of bananas (or other raw fruit), hence the “Banana Girl” moniker.

It is essentially a vegan meal plan that is very similar to a fruitarian diet but with some concessions for other specific low-fat, plant-based foods.

In this Raw Till 4 diet nutrition guide, we will discuss how to follow the Raw Till 4 Diet plan and potential Raw Till 4 diet benefits and drawbacks.

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How Do You Follow the Raw Till 4 Diet Plan?

What are the rules for Raw Till 4?

Here are the primary Raw Till 4 diet rules:

#1: You cannot eat any animal products.

This is a vegan diet plan. This means that the Raw Till 4 diet meal plan removes all meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, and dairy, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, and ice cream.

#2: Eat until 4 pm

Owing to the Raw Till 4 diet name, you are only supposed to eat raw fruits and green veggies until 4 PM every day or until two hours before your scheduled dinner time.

The emphasis on the Raw Till 4 diet food plan during the “raw eating” portion of each day is actually on fruits. You are not supposed to have any cooked food during the day until dinner, even cooked vegetables and fruits.

#3: Dinner is high-carb

The dinner meal should be a high-carb dinner made of cooked foods. The recommendation is to eat high-starch plant foods such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, beets, parsnips, other root vegetables, corn, whole ancient grains like quinoa and barley, etc.

Legumes such as beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils are OK as side components to your Raw Till 4 diet dinner meal, but they should not be a central portion because they are not high carb enough. Legumes have more protein than Raw Till 4 diet meal plan recipes recommend.

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#4: No more fruit after dinner

You cannot eat any more fruit after your dinner of cooked food. If you are still hungry after your dinner, this is an indication that you did not eat enough fruit during the day. Your only option is to have more of your cooked food dinner as a snack.

As per the Raw Till 4 rules, eating fresh fruits after the cooked dinner meal will increase the growth of candida yeast.

#5: 800 calories of raw fruit for breakfast

Aim for 800 calories of raw fruit for breakfast and 800 calories of raw fruit for lunch, and then, dinner should provide at least 500 calories, again coming from high-carb cooked starchy plant-based foods.

To help you reach the 800 calories for the raw fruit breakfast and lunch Raw Till 4 diet meal, the Raw Till 4 diet recipes often center around smoothies made with high-calorie fruits such as mangoes, dates, bananas, pineapple, watermelon, and papaya.

#6: RDA calorie consumption

Raw Till 4 diet meal plan calories are supposed to be a minimum of 2100 calories per day for women and 2400 calories a day for men.

#7: Abundant consumption

The R24 diet plan is all about abundance, so you do not need to count calories or restrict how much food you are eating at any meal, particularly when you’re having your raw fruit meals during the day. There are only Raw Till 4 diet calorie minimums, but not maximums.

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#8: Low fat

Fat intake should be no more than 10% of your total caloric intake every day and carbohydrate intake should be at or above 80% of your total caloric intake per day every single day.

#9: 1 liter of water when you wake up

You are supposed to drink 1 liter of water every day upon waking up, 1 liter of water before every meal, and enough additional water throughout the day so that you are peeing about 8 to 12 times per day with “clear urine” coming out.

#10: Avoid sodium

Sodium should be avoided at all costs, with the goal of having no more than 500 mg per day and a maximum allowance of 1000 g of salt per day.

#11: Don’t cook with oils

Do not use any oils, even when cooking, if it is at all possible. This even includes when you go out to eat, you should ask for steamed food or food without oil used in the preparation.

As the Raw Til 4 diet plan is vegan, this of course, also means you cannot have butter.

#12: Avoid processed food

Only eat real foods, not processed vegan meat, fake meat, or processed grains. Even tofu should not be a regular staple in your diet and should be eaten sparingly because it is processed soybeans (though minimally processed).

Try to eat organic foods whenever possible.

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#13: Include 1 Raw Day

At least one day a week, try to make the entire day a raw food diet day rather than eating raw foods until 4 PM. This is called the #Raw24 in the Raw Till 4 meal planner.

The Raw Till 4 diet #Raw24 day each week is supposed to “keep your system as clean and optimal as possible.”

#14: Playful activity

Do some type of physical activity every day that feels playful and fun.

#15: Prioritize sleep

Get plenty of sleep every night and establish a good sleep routine.

#16: Sun exposure

Get a minimum of 20 minutes of full body sun exposure every day, with the recommendation of actual sunbathing as much as possible.

#17: Supplement B12

Take vitamin B12 supplements either as a vitamin B12 shot or vitamin B12 sublingual tablet.

#18: Emotional regulation

Get an R24 vision book and practice gratitude and peaceful emotions at mealtime.

Try to shift your mind into being positive and health-driven rather than focusing on short-term weight loss results. Health comes with happiness, which is one of the sayings of the R24 Diet program.

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Is the Raw Till 4 Diet Good for Weight Loss and Health?

Can you lose weight on Raw Till 4?

There are several Raw Till 4 diet benefits, including the following:

  1. The focus on whole, plant-based foods can support health by providing antioxidants and removing processed foods, which are known to cause an array of adverse health effects.
  2. Whole foods, including fresh produce such as fruit and veggies, are some of the healthiest foods we can eat. The health benefits of whole foods are vast.
  3. The Raw Till 4 diet program emphasizes the importance of getting enough exercise, practicing gratitude, getting enough sleep, spending time outdoors to get vitamin D in the sunshine, etc., all of which go into having a healthy lifestyle.
  4. The goal is abundance, so this is not a restrictive weight-loss diet. 
  5. Eating organic foods spares your body from being exposed to harmful pesticides.

While there are potential benefits of the Raw Till 4 diet plan for health, there are also several potential downsides and risks, including the following:

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The Raw Till 4 diet is not suitable for anyone with blood sugar disorders like diabetes, a history of eating disorders, a small stomach due to a bariatric surgery procedure, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, adolescents, or those who are still growing, etc.

Overall, it is far too restrictive, not nutritionally balanced, and not easy to follow. That said, the R24 has an enthusiastic fan base that reports improvements in skin, health, weight, energy, and more.

Speak with your doctor or work with a nutritionist before trying the Raw Till 4 diet plan.

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