ReAthlete Air C+ Heat Leg Compression Massager Review

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Compression therapy can be great for anyone, but especially athletes who deal with muscle soreness, age-related mobility issues, inflammation, and many more stressors on the body.

Whether you are working out, getting older, or sitting too long for work, they are a great way to recover and relax. 

The ReAthlete Air C+ Heat Leg Compression Massager sleeves have never steered me wrong, although that does not mean they are perfect, as I’ll get into!

Pro’s and Cons of the ReAthlete Full Leg Compression Massager

Affordability Keep Velcro loose to not cut off circulation
Compacts Down/Portable Short Power Cord
Heat, air, compression Not meant for large bodies
reathlete leg massager

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ReAthlete Compression Massager: What It Does + Who Its For

The ReAthlete compression massager is useful for anyone looking for an effective recovery tool, but especially after a hard running workout or leg day at the gym.

On ReAthlete’s website, they note the massagers are suitable for:
Muscle soreness, related to a highly active or sedentary lifestyle, Age-related mobility constraints, Restless leg syndrome, Inflammation, Edema (in the lower limbs), Lower body cellulitis, Varicose veins, venous insufficiency, venous leg ulcers, Lymphoedema, and Deep vein thrombosis (+ post-thrombotic syndrome).

ReAthlete C +Heat Massager Design and What’s Included

The leg compression machine comes with two sleeves, a remote control, one travel bag, and four leg extension wraps.

Because the sleeves come with a travel bag, they are easy to carry alongside your luggage and bring to any race with you, And since they pack down so small, it is easy to put away even if you do not have a lot of storage in your home. 

reathlete leg massager all thats included

The design is simple and is approximately 38” (96.52cm) long and weighs about 4.63lbs (2.1kg). If you happen to have very long legs, they also include an extra sleeve to lengthen the sleeves! 

Some customer reviews from people with larger thighs were having an issue with comfortably velcroing the sleeves around their legs. The dimensions are as follows:

Foot: 9.84″ L (24.99cm) [up to 22″ (55.88cm) circumference]
Calves: 16.54″ L (42.01cm)  [up to 25″ (63.5cm) circumference]
Knee: 3.35″ L (8.51cm) [up to 25″ (63.5cm) circumference]
Thighs: 8.27″ L (21cm) [up to 30″ (76.2cm) circumference]

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How to Use The ReAthlete Compression Leg Massager

The sleeves themselves are really easy to set up and use.

All you have to do is unfold the compression sleeves, slide them on, adjust the velcro, plug it in, and get started! 

There are three different massage modes (full leg, half leg, and personalized), four levels of intensity, and different heating and cooling settings. 

reathlete leg massager

How I Use ReAthlete Air-C Heat Leg massagers

I have been using compression therapy for around five years, and these leg massagers for about nine months. I don’t use them every day, by probably at least once every week. 

The main reason I do not use them more is that you have to be stationary while using and sometimes I cannot get myself to sit for an hour at a time.

But, with working from home, it has been easier to sit and use them to get off my feet and recover from a workout. 

After using the leg massagers, I always feel better – the results are practically instant.

I just try to drink water after, similar to getting an actual massage. And since I am bad at taking time to get massages, I can use these from my home!

I feel a huge difference when I am consistently using the massagers versus when I am not. My legs seem to not feel as fatigued and definitely recover quicker.

The issues that I have had come with leaving the velcro too tight and it pressing into my skin too much, but a small adjustment mid-massage and it fixes my problem.

Another thing I wish was different, is that the sleeves are sectioned off. I would like the leg massagers to be one full sleeve, instead of being in separate sections.

The noise of the leg massagers is pretty quiet, just a low hum while using.

I tend to tune it out if I am watching or listening to anything else.

The loudest thing about the ReAthlete Massager sleeves is the velcro, which is loud enough to let anyone in your home or workplace know you are there. 

Also in regards to the velcro, I had the straps too tight the first time I used the sleeves because they tend to feel loose when not inflated. I recommend keeping them looser than you think until the air begins to flow so as not to cut off circulation. 

From what I have seen the biggest downside is how short the power cord is, you have to sit pretty close to an outlet or make sure you have an extension cord before using it. 

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reathlete leg massager

ReAthlete Leg Massager Conclusion: An Effective Recovery Tool

While these particular compression massagers are not the most expensive or one seamless sleeve, they are well worth the price.

Even if these are not your primary recovery tool, they would come in handy for any athlete looking for some extra help! 

With the added benefit of being able to pack them up and bring them anywhere you go, you can enjoy a great leg massage in the comfort of your own home!

All images: credit to ReAthlete

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