How To Run A Mile Without Stopping: Training Plan + 8 Tips To Get Started

Beginner runners often want to know how to run a mile without stopping.  Perhaps they have attempted a few runs and found that they are completely breathless by the end of the block, or have been running for a couple weeks but can’t seem to run a mile without stopping to walk somewhere along the … Read more

How To Run a Faster Mile

In this post, Cathal Logue explains how to run a faster mile: improving your one mile time is a great tool and goal ,regardless of your running background. If you’re a distance runner, taking some time out to focus on how to get a faster mile time can have massive advantages to your endurance and … Read more

Running A Mile A Day: How To, Benefits, 30 Day Challenge

Depending on your current activity level and overall life schedule, running a mile a day might sound like a lot, or it might sound relatively easy, but no matter where you fall on the continuum, we believe you’re absolutely up for it. Walking or running a mile a day with a 30-day mile-a-day challenge is … Read more