The Adidas Adios Pro Evo is a Deeply Misunderstood Super Shoe

The Pro Evo 1 is the most appalling running shoe in recent memory. It’s disturbingly light at 4.9 oz. for a men’s size 9, so much so that when you pick it up for the first time, you immediately feel thrusted into an uncanny valley experience. It doesn’t seem possible that a shoe of this … Read more

Niche Running Apparel Brand Rabbit Enters The Footwear Game With The Dream Chaser

Rabbit, a niche California-based running apparel brand, is making waves in the industry by stepping into the world of footwear with the launch of its debut shoe, the Dream Chaser.  Priced at $160, this road running model will make its public debut at the upcoming Boston Marathon expo. Who Is Rabbit? Established in 2013 by … Read more

Unpopular Opinion: Normal Running Shoes And Barefoot Running Shoes Can Live In Harmony

The running world is a generally tight-knit and supportive community, where, in the end, everyone is just running because they love it and want to become better versions of themself.  However, runners are a passionate bunch, and when it comes to contentding opinions, there’s nothing more soul-sucking than listening to a running mate go off … Read more

Countless Runners Left Empty-Handed After Another Nike Alphafly Drop

Nike, the global sportswear giant, has once again stirred controversy with another release of its latest marathon shoe, the Alphafly 3. Priced at £284.99, this flagship footwear, famously worn by the late Kelvin Kiptum, vanished from shelves within minutes of its UK release on Thursday, March 7. Kiptum, tragically killed in a road accident in … Read more

World Record Holder Kelvin Kiptum Partners With Obscure Watch Company

World record-holder Kelvin Kiptum is widely expected to become the first runner in history to run a record-eligible sub-two-hour marathon, but when he does, he will be recording it with a watch no one has ever heard of. The Kenyan has had a sudden and spectacular ascent to become the fastest marathoner of all time. … Read more

Here Are The Fastest Shoes From The US Olympic Marathon Trials

The U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, which took place this past Saturday, showcased an array of impressive performances from the country’s top athletes, each with their respective brands, vying for a victory on the road to Paris. While all eyes were on the athletes that day, there is no doubt we were all taking a look … Read more

Wahoo Steps Into The World Of Indoor Running Unveiling The Kickr Run

Wahoo Fitness, known for its innovative cycling products, has taken a bold step into the world of running with the launch of the Kickr Run, a smart treadmill designed to transform indoor running.  Unlike anything else in Wahoo’s Kickr lineup, this new offering promises to revolutionize the running experience much like the Kickr Smart Trainer … Read more

These Are The Most Popular Shoes In The World, According To 120 Million Strava Users

Strava, the widely-used running app with over 120 million users worldwide, has released its annual ‘Year in Sport‘ report, revealing the most popular running shoes among its users in 2023. Hoka Clifton 9: Leading the Pack The Hoka Clifton series takes the crown as the most popular running shoe, according to Strava data.  Currently in … Read more

Nike Responds To 60-Second Alphafly 3 Sellout By Dropping New “Volt” Colorway

Following the 60-second sell-out of the Alphafly 3 prototype edition, Nike is set to release a new colorway for the super shoe in April. The upcoming release features a vibrant “Volt” colorway, which would make any runner stand out from the crowd. The Alphafly 3 made headlines after Kelvin Kiptum’s record-setting performance at the Chicago … Read more