The 2025 Chicago Marathon Announced Qualification Times… And They’re Fast

The Boston Marathon is touted for its challenging qualification times, and achieving the stringent standard is a reason for celebration among marathon runners. While many consider qualifying for Boston one of the most challenging things a marathon runner can do, it seems the Chicago Marathon also wants a piece of that reputation. The Chicago Marathon … Read more

Parker Valby Wins NCAA 10,000m In Hybrid Nike Spike Super Shoes

American collegiate running sensation Parker Valby clinched her fifth national title last night, winning the NCAA 10,000m championship at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. What’s more interesting, however, is what she was donning across the finish line: a custom pair of Nike Vaporfly 3 shoes modified with track spikes. In a post-race interview, Parker humorously … Read more

Boston Marathon’s Mascot Gets An “Athletic Jawline” In The Redesign Nobody Asked For

To celebrate yesterday’s Global Running Day, The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) unveiled the new logo for the 2025 Boston Marathon. The new logo features a big facelift, literally, to the unicorn mascot, nicknamed ‘Spike,’ and a change from the circle background to a banner shape. What Are The Biggest Changes To The Mascot? Here are … Read more

Two Runners In Critical Condition After Being Struck By A Vehicle During Keys 100 Race

Two participants in the Keys 100 ultramarathon were hospitalized with serious injuries after being struck by a vehicle during the race. The accident has left their families demanding answers. The incident occurred during the Keys 100, a 100-mile race in Florida stretching from Key Largo to Key West that began on May 18, 2024.  According … Read more

Leiden Marathon Canceled After At Least 25 Runners Were Hospitalised Due To Heat

The Leiden Marathon came to an abrupt and early end on Sunday after at least 25 participants were hospitalized as a result of heat-related conditions.  City mayor Peter van de Velden canceled the race around 3 p.m. amid concerns that the two local hospitals involved, LUMC and Alrijne Ziekenhuis, were unable to cope with the … Read more

44 Guinness World Records Set At 2024 TCS London Marathon

There’s no doubt that Peres Jepchirchir’s new women’s-only world record of 2:16:16 stole the show at yesterday’s 2024 TCS London Marathon. But a slew of other runners also broke their own world records, some of them in quite niche categories. Every year, the London Marathon sees the most Guinness World Records set at any one … Read more

Alexander Munyao Wins 2024 London Marathon Ahead Of Headline Favorites

Although the women’s race stole the spotlight, the men’s 2024 London Marathon was equally as thrilling. Reigning New York City Marathon champion Tamirat Tola was one of the talented headliners in the men’s field.  He was accompanied by seasoned veterans Mosinet Geremew and Kenenisa Bekele.  The British contingent, featuring Emile Cairess, Marc Scott, and Callum … Read more

Peres Jepchirchir Sets New Women’s-Only World Record At 2024 London Marathon

The 2024 London Marathon fielded the deepest elite women’s field the event had ever seen, and with that came the anticipation that they could rewrite history.  The London Marathon brought together world record holders, Olympic champions, and world champions to go head-to-head on the fast and flat course.  The headliners included mixed world record holder … Read more