UK’s “Hardest Geezer” Completes 16,300 Kilometer Journey Across The Length Of Africa After 352 Days

After nearly a year of crossing deserts, mountains, and rainforests spanning 16 countries, Russ Cook, more commonly known as the Hardest Geezer, has accomplished his journey of running the entire length of Africa. Originally scheduled to conclude by Christmas 2023, the daunting task of covering over 16,300 kilometers, equivalent to more than 385 marathons, extended … Read more

High School Cross Country Duo Mistaken For Sasquatch

A pair of high school cross-country runners in Washington state unwittingly became the subjects of a suspected Sasquatch sighting when bewildered onlookers mistook them for the legendary creature.  The amusing case of mistaken identity occurred in February when an unnamed individual, riding his motorcycle with a friend and his son in a remote forested area … Read more

Even Waiters Are Training For The Olympic Games At The Course Des Cafés

It’s not just the athletes who are out training hard for the upcoming Summer Olympic Games. Paris, known for being the ‘city of love’ and top-notch cuisine, witnessed a revival of a century-old tradition this past Sunday. The streets of the French capital were transformed into a battleground for waiters, clad in their iconic black … Read more

Breast Cancer Survivor To Run London Marathon In 10-Person Bus Costume To Raise Money For Charity

Although the London Marathon course is typically closed to traffic, you may notice one ‘bus’ on route to completing the 26.2 miles. Jackie Scully, a resident of Greenwich, south London, who battled breast cancer, is gearing up to tackle the London Marathon in a unique fashion. Alongside nine friends, she aims to break a Guinness … Read more

The World’s Best Planker Sets Another Guinness World Record For Fastest Barefoot Half Marathon On Ice And Snow

Josef Šálek, a therapist, lecturer, and personal development coach from Czechia, has set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest half marathon completed barefoot on ice and snow.  On a chilly day with freezing temperatures, Šálek dashed across the icy terrain, dressed in nothing but a pair of shorts, achieving a time of 1 … Read more

Father Advocating For 12-Year-Old Daughter To Run Boston Marathon After She Ran A Sub-3

At 12 years old, she’s already achieved an impressive feat: completing a marathon in under three hours. And now she has her sights set on the 2028 Olympics.  You’d think Evan Kim, a sixth-grader standing at 5 feet tall, would be drowned out in the sea of adult runners at any race. However, after recently … Read more

Runner’s World Editor Kate Carter Cleared Of “Intention To Deceive” Following Investigation

Marathon runner and Runner’s World editor Kate Carter came under fire recently after being accused of cheating at various races, including the London Marathon and the Berlin Marathon.  The allegations came after the Marathon Investigation, a renowned anti-cheating website, highlighted evidence of course-cutting that included questionable Strava posts, timing split discrepancies, and evidence of bib … Read more

Ultrarunner Camille Herron Deals With This Rare Condition By “Reverse Doping”

In the realm of endurance sports, one major concern is doping.  However, for runners like Camille Herron, she’s, in a way, “reverse doping.” Herron deals with hemochromatosis, a rare condition characterized by excessive iron absorption in the body.  While lesser-known, its implications for athletes, particularly runners, are profound. What is Hemochromatosis? Hemochromatosis is primarily a … Read more