Chinese Marathoner Uncle Chen Disqualified From Marathon For Chain-Smoking During Race

After a two-year hiatus from the headlines of the running world, Chinese marathoner Uncle Chen made a noteworthy comeback at the 2024 Xiamen Marathon on January 6.  However, Chen’s return did not unfold as planned, as he faced disqualification for chain-smoking throughout the race, marking a dramatic end to his triumphant return. Affectionately known as … Read more

“Go On, Be Brave”: Marathoner Andrea Lytle Peet’s Inspiring Documentary Takes Center Stage For A Limited One-Night Showcase

Marathoner Andrea Lytle Peet was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) at the age of 33 and defied the devastating prognosis by completing 50 marathons in 50 states.  Her extraordinary journey is now captured in the documentary “Go On, Be Brave,” shedding light on her resilience, courage, and the profound impact she has had on … Read more

Ultra-Runner Tomasz Drybala Accused Of Orchestrating Massive Unicef Charity Scam

Tomasz Drybala, a self-proclaimed ultra-runner and motivational speaker, has been accused of orchestrating a massive charity scam, leaving numerous individuals out of pocket and tarnishing his credibility.  Drybala, a Polish ultra-runner residing in London, allegedly misled individuals in the UK and the US by hiring them to help raise £785,000 ($1 million) for Unicef.  The … Read more

Exploring Strava’s Year In Sport Report: A Look At The Worldwide Running Habits Of 2023

Strava, the world’s premier digital community for active individuals, has just unveiled its Year In Sport: The Trend Report, providing a unique perspective on global running and fitness trends.  The report not only highlights the diverse behaviors and habits of active people but also sheds light on the distinct motivations, challenges, and interests that propel … Read more

11-Year-Old Plans to Run Every Day for 52 Years, Breaking Running Streak World Record In 2075

Seb Jellema, an 11-year-old boy from Scotland, has his eyes set on a major world record. The only catch is that he won’t break it until 2075 when he is in his 60s. Jellema is looking to break runner Ron Hill’s record for most consecutive days running, which is set at 52 years and 39 … Read more

Could ChatGPT Replace A Traditional Running Coach?

In the quest for faster running times, some runners are turning to the ever-growing world of artificial intelligence (AI) to coach them to their next personal best. Where the real question lies is whether AI-generated training plans can truly replace the guidance of a human coach. In this article, we dive into the nuances of … Read more

Triathlete Qualified To World Championships Completes Ironman On Broken Ankle

Meet April Lange, the unstoppable force from Evanston, Wyoming, who recently clinched her spot in the Ironman World Championship in Nice, France. But what makes her story truly jaw-dropping? She rocked the Ironman California race, running 24 miles on a broken ankle! At 53, Lange isn’t your typical triathlete.  She’s one of the 2,000 fierce … Read more

Lululemon Under Fire After Muslim Runner Says The Company Cropped Her Out Of Ads

In the bustling streets of New York City, where diversity thrives, the spirit of inclusivity should extend to every facet of life, including the realm of sports.  Recently, the running community was reminded of this essential principle through the experiences of Amena Saad, an Arab American runner whose dedication to both her identity and her … Read more