Could This Be The End Of The Commonwealth Games?

The fate of the Commonwealth Games hangs in the balance as concerns over viability and support from host nations cast a shadow over its future. With recent developments indicating a potential demise, stakeholders and enthusiasts are inching closer to the possibility of bidding farewell to this historic multi-sport event. Paul du Feu, former president of … Read more

All The Highlights From The 2024 USATF Indoor Championships

The 2024 U.S. Indoor Track and Field Championships recently concluded in a flurry of excitement and outstanding performances, captivating American running fans with thrilling showdowns and record-breaking feats. From sprinting duels to an unexpected victory in the 1500m, the championships showcased the incredible talent and determination of America’s top track and field athletes. In case … Read more

After Serving Doping Bans Justin Gatlin Bashes Pro-Doping “Enhanced Games”

Justin Gatlin, a World and Olympic 100m champion with a history of doping sanctions, strongly criticizes the proposed “Enhanced Games,” scheduled for December 2024.  Gatlin, who previously faced doping bans due to testing positive for the use of amphetamines and testosterone, expressed dismay at the prospect of an international sports event where drug testing would … Read more

43 Runners Clock Sub-Four-Minute Mile At Boston University Indoor Track Meet

Breaking the four-minute mile barrier was long believed to be impossible due to a combination of physiological and psychological factors prevalent at the time. Before Sir Roger Bannister achieved the feat in 1954, there was a prevailing belief that the human body had reached its limit in terms of speed and endurance, and it simply … Read more

How Fast Can Doping Make You? Thanks To The Enhanced Games, We Might Find Out Soon

In the realm of sports, where tradition and innovation often collide, a bold new initiative has emerged, challenging the very foundations of athletic competition.  Led by Dr Aron D’Souza and backed by tech billionaire Peter Thiel, alongside a consortium of other investors, the Enhanced Games represent a radical departure from the established norms of fair … Read more

Non-Runner Challenges University of Virginia Track Athlete, And It Doesn’t End As He Planned

In the world of track and field, challenges and unexpected competitions sometimes arise, and for Alahna Sabbakhan, a first-team All-American track athlete at the University of Virginia, a peculiar challenge turned into a viral moment challenging stereotypes.  Sabbakhan, known for her accomplishments in the 800 meters, faced off against a non-runner who doubted her abilities. … Read more

Smelling Salts: Weightlifters Use Them, Should Runners Too?

Runners often explore various strategies to enhance their performance and combat fatigue during intense training sessions or races.  One controversial method that has gained attention is the use of smelling salts. Commonly associated with reviving individuals who have fainted, smelling salts contain a mixture of ammonia and water and are believed to stimulate the respiratory … Read more

Running Beef: Reigning 1,500m World Champ Josh Kerr rips Olympic Champion Jacob Ingebrigtsen On Podcast

In the world of middle-distance track running, an ongoing rivalry continues to get heated as we approach the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.  The tension between the reigning 2023 world 1,500-meter champion, Josh Kerr, and the defending Olympic 1,500m gold medalist, Jakob Ingebrigtsen, has recently escalated on the popular running forum LetsRun as a result of … Read more

Could This Household Product Be The Secret To Your Next Personal Best?

In the world of running, the pursuit of peak performance is a constant journey. Athletes are always on the lookout for that extra edge, that secret ingredient that can push them to new heights.  One such contender making waves is a common household item: baking soda, or more scientifically, sodium bicarbonate.  In this article, we’ll … Read more

Ingerbrigsten Family Fued: Father and Coach Gjert Denied Accreditation To Major Events

When we think of middle-distance track running, countries like Kenya and Ethiopia often come to mind as the dominant forces. However, the Ingebrigsten brothers have undeniably propelled Norway into the spotlight in the world of track events. Henrik (32), Filip (30), and Jakob (23) have amassed numerous accolades throughout their careers, with Jakob’s crowning achievement … Read more

Delhi Doping: Lone Runner in Delhi State 100m Finals as Others Flee Due To Presence of NADA Doping Control

Chaos ensued at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on the final day of the Delhi State Athletics Championships.  As news began to spread among participants that officials from the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) had arrived on site, participants began to flee. This came one day after a leaked video from the event showed piles of used … Read more